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Bachmann GP-35 Buzzing

Max writes:

“I got my DCC Bachmann GP-35 out to give it a run after sitting it its box for several months, but the motor is buzzing and humming, and surged when I tried to move it. Maybe the voltage or the brushes are causing it?? I recently cleaned the track and originally got it with the decoder installed if that helps. Any thoughts?”

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3 Responses to Bachmann GP-35 Buzzing

  • phil johnson says:

    Remove the shell and add a drop of lubricant to the gears and manually turn them. Some locomotives just don’t like sitting in a box

  • Larry Card says:

    This may be a silly question, but are you running it with DCC or with a pulse width modulated (PWM) DC throttle? The reason I ask is that DCC locos really do not play well with PWM throttles, so if you are running DCC locos on your DC layout it is best to use a smooth DC throttle.

  • Alvaro Sousa says:

    Hi, see first the question that Larry have made. PWM is not advised to drive a DCC loco. No my question: is it a DCC Ready Bachmann GP35 with Bchmann decoder instaled? If yes, you have the answer. Bachmann decoders are not so smooth as the other brands driving motors. Replace the decoder by another one, and please let us know. Every time I have here in my shop a Bachmann to digitalise I never use a Bachmann decoder. I´m sorry for those you loved Bachmann decoders… I don´t, and I´m in the business almost 30 years, and I´m also an official repair shop from Roco/Fleischmann here in Portugal.

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