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1/72 Models on HO Train Track

Bob is hoping someone can help:

“I’m considering getting one of those really big 1/72 German WWII military railway gun models for the HO layout and putting it on some kind of track.

I’m thinking for a static display I could probably get by with just a few feet of track. I believe I could make the track to suit the model’s trucks using code 100 rail on plastic HO tie strips. Of course I would prefer to be able to pull the models like any other piece of rolling stock.

The only way I can see to set up the models to be pulled by a loco would be to use HO track and either modify the model’s trucks or replace them. I doubt if the model’s wheels and axles would be suitable for actually moving the model. The prospect of scratch building four or eight 5-axle or 6-axle trucks is a bit daunting.

Has anyone set up one or more of those big guns on a layout, or tried to do it? Thanks for sharing your experience.”

5 Responses to 1/72 Models on HO Train Track

  • Dale Arendssays:

    Perhaps you could modify the model’s undercarriage to take 2 three-axel trucks at each end. There are plenty 6-wheel trucks available at the various online retailers.

    • Bobsays:

      Thanks Dale,
      You are right of course. I’ll just have to look at the model when I get it.

  • Markus Buckleysays:

    Lima L109704 is a full 1/87 model set which is more accurately scaled. 1/72 is a bit big and you may also have to change the bogie to suit HO/OO tra

  • Frank Bsays:

    I would expect the models to be designed to (at least just about) run on HO/OO track.
    (This may be indicated on the box.)

    If so, it is possible that improved running may be achieved by merely replacing the wheels with proper axle/wheelsets.
    (And maybe add some lead shot or sheet weight underneath the model to stabilise it.)

    If the model is not originally designed to roll, possibly some kind of modification could be added during the building process to beef up the trucks. Think in advance of what type of couplers you want to use.

  • David Stokessays:

    Artillery pieces, especially railway mounted guns were big, very big. If you are looking at the thrill of building up a plastic model, rather than buying the new 00 ones currently hitting the market, my advice is “Go ahead, have fun”. Put new bogies underneath and proper couplers each end and go for it. Just check your loading gauge around your layout, even a proper scaled gun is going to have arguments with trackside infrastructure

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