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8 Responses to Contact Blog Moderator

  • Newman Atkinsonsays:

    I have enjoyed reading comments from various folks on the various subjects and likewise have enjoyed passing on my ideas and comments too. To All Happy Model Railroading in 2014 from Newman

  • GOPAL Dagasays:

    Hello Josh,
    I am GOPAL Daga from Calcutta, India. I have read your track problem, which is not activating after you hav laid ballast to it.
    In my openion you have moisten the ballast and then laid. It has short circuited the tracks and rails. If so, you need not mix the ballast with any thing. Ballast has to be very carefully laid on both sides of the rails in a manner that it does not spill over the rails. It should be absolutely dry. After that you need to cover the laid ballast with a thin layer of white glue(concentrate) over the track carefully. Glue will spread evenly on the ballast by itself and leave it to dry overnight. Next morning you will find the ballast perfectly adhered to the board. That’s it. So simple. Try it out. it will work. Pl let me know, softer you have succeeded.
    Till then, Cheers.
    GOPAL Daga, Calcutta India

  • David Blevinssays:

    Is there anyway to search the Blog?

  • Robert Andersonsays:

    Yes, use the search box in the right column.

  • Julia M Ushersays:

    Hi, I am a cookie decorator who often airbrushes her cookies. I am wondering if I can make use of the air/paint flow diagram you used in this blog post (http://blog.model-train-help.com/2014/05/14-tips-to-help-you-master-an-airbrush.html; also attached) in a video I am creating that discusses the basics of airbrush functioning (in the context of cookie decorating). I would link back to your blog/this post in the video description, which is where I customarily credit sources. Please let me know, as I am scheduled to produce this video on July 7. Many thanks!

    • Robert Andersonsays:

      No problem as long as the blog is credited with a link on your site.

  • Jezzasays:

    Since the Buster Keaton video was posted, whenever I get your emails, clicking on the link to your blog takes me to that post and not the currant posting. The top of the page offers me to go to older posts but not anything newer. I have not been able to follow any of your site anymore. Are you able to help me with a solution ?

    • Robert Andersonsays:

      Jezza, simply clear your computers cache of temporary internet files. Then go to the home page http://blog.model-train-help.com
      It is a simple caching error.

      I clear my cache daily, but most people can do it weekly to keep their computers running smoothly. It is very quick to do. Google it.

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