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Arduino controlled Turntable

 Tony models in OO and writes:

I’m having great problems getting my Arduino code to work. I have the Turntable working but can’t get the code to do what I want when the Hall Sensor is working. As soon as the Hall sensor starts the turntable stops and will not move at all.

Here’s the part I can’t make good:

The final bit is just where the Turntable goes and how long it stops for. 

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Hornby R8249 DCC Decoder Compatibility

David asks:

“Will a Hornby R8249 DCC decoder be compatible with another brand controller e.g. NCE Powercab?”

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Cleaning Train Corrosion

Bob asks readers:

“I’ve unpacked my o gauge train after two years. There is quite a bit of build up of corrosion. What can I use to clean it off?

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Consist Speed Matching

Mason asks:

“How do you speed match locos so that any locomotive can be consisted with any other locomotive?”

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Steam Engine Lubrication and Tune-Ups

Peter writes:

“Wondering how often I should tune up/lubricate my 2 N scale steam engines? What are the telltale signs they need doing if any?”

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Unusual Ballasting Technique

Bernard asks:

“I read where someone used mixed ballast with gelatin before wetting it down to hold the ballast in position. This is instead of spraying glue and water on the ballast. Has anyone done this and will it hold in place over many years?”

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Automating Turnouts Using Digitrax

Jan has this question for readers:

“I have an N scale loop to loop railroad using Kato track. I want to automate each reversing loop so that the train can operate without hand-switching tracks. What does the wiring look like using BD4N and DS74 with DSXC4? I can find wiring diagrams using older parts (BD4 & DS64) but cannot find diagram using the upgraded parts.”

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Weights for Powered Engines

Jim operates HO scale and asks:

“I Run mostly Athearn Blue Box engines, but the real question is — is there a recommended weight for powered engines? I know there are weight recommendations for rolling stock (by length of vehicle ). As for wheel sets, I run code 100 track, does this effect the wheels, especially the flanges?”

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Local HO Train Clubs

Tim writes:

“I am looking for HO train clubs in my area which is Redlands, California 92373. I live 60 miles east of Los Angeles and 50 miles west of Palm Springs California. Can anyone advise me please?”

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18 Inch Curved Track Spacing

Darryl asks:

“How much space should I allow between parallel tracks on straights, but especially on my 18-inch curves in HO?”

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HO and OO Compatibility

Maria asks:

“Is it feasible to connect an OO gauge turnout to an HO track made by the same manufacturer?”

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Track Confusion

Stephen asks:

“I need a little help how do i figured out what flex 2.87″ is in inches, 2.9″ in inches, 4.71 in inches I’ve tried and tried no luck. I don’t want to keep cutting different links.”

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Athearn Yardmaster 1045 SW1500 NASA Set

A reader asks:

“Which box car, gondola and tank car were included in Athearn Yardmaster 1045 SW1500 NASA set from approximately year 2000?”

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Buzzing and Nothing else

Allen writes:

“Hi! I am not necessarily new to model trains, I’ve used them for years. I recently have just got back into it, but when I’ve put my set back together, I’ve found that all I am getting is a buzzing sound, and nothing else. I’ve tested my old models and brand new ones, different track pieces for power sourcing, new controllers, but good lord nothing at all is working. All I am getting a buzzing sound, and when I press “stop” on my DCC controller, the models inch maybe less than a centimeter forward. Help!!”

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LED Light Circuit

Bob writes:

“I am retired and come into OO model railways late , learning as I go . I saw a post showing how to wire LED’s on a 3v system doing away with need for resisters etc . All went well and has been working great, until now. One circuit with street lighting on has gone out apart from 1st light on circuit. I thought maybe the second light had blown, but tested it with battery and its fine ,I have also checked the feed to 2nd light but my tester shows power there. Is there a simple way to test circuit without disconnecting every light and starting again. Any tips would be welcome”

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Lionel 282 Crane Operating Help

Dan asks:

“Have a 282 crane that I have refurbished. When I try the hoist , the crane rotation starts at the same time. Could this be a clutch problem?”

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Kato Engine Speeds

Othmar asks:

I run five kato engines on a 25 car consists. It is impossible to match the five Kato engine regarding speed ie each engine runs different speed and causes them to uncouple very annoying. Does anybody has a suggestion how to resolve this?

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Identify Old Marklin Trains

Gerhard sent in this question, but to get an accurate response from readers he really needs to add a photo in the comments section below:

Gerhard writes:

“I have recently aquired some pieces of a Marklin set with rails and all. It seems to be quite an old set with many locomotives and wagons. Where can I determine how old this set is and get some more technical info on it as I do not have a power supply for it. It is a beautiful set, specially some of the loco s. It has a central track power take off system.”

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