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Running Model Trains After Hurricane Ida Flood

Gary was impacted by Hurricane Ida and asks:

“We had IDA dump 10” in our basement. None of my O scale train equipment was damaged. My question is, the track. I had kept a 50-55 degree humidity. It has come down to good numbers. I’m worried about the track surface. What should I do and/or use.”

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Using NCE Switch-Kat and Kato 4ch Turnout Controller

Ivan asks:

“My HO track and turnouts are Bachmann. Can I use the Switch Kat and Kato 4ch controller? The Bachmann turnout has 3 wires, whereas Kato turnouts have two? How would you wire that so that it would work?”

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Kadee 50-footer Boxcar Coupler

Garry posted:

“One of my Kadee 50 footers has a bent coupler I need to fix but I’m not sure how to remove the coupler cover without damaging it. I guess they are not designed to be fixed?”

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Dirty Stuff On Rails

Kev writes:

“I’ve only been running my trains for a short time and already there is black stuff building up on the rails. If I don’t clean it away my engine loses some power. I don’t think it’s grease, oil, or the paint I used on the ties and rails which I shined with bright boy. What is it and the cause, and how can I prevent it from coming back? Do others have this problem?”

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Bentley Model Railway Group Trainwest Model Railway Exhibition

Don sent in these photos to share from the Bentley Model Railway Group Trainwest Model Railway Exhibition in the United Kingdom West Country which he attended in 2019.

Bentley Model Railway Group Trainwest Model Railway Exhibition

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Cork Track Base

Jeff asks readers:

“I have an old HO scale setup on a 4’x6’ sheet of plywood. The old track is on a raised cork bed. The train barely moves on the track. After applying several cleaning methods, unsuccessfully, I’m told I need some new track. I would like to purchase new updated tracking but am unfamiliar with it. Most importantly will it fit on my previously installed cork bed. Any help to get me started would be greatly appreciated.”

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Numbers on Crossovers

Hank models HO and asks:

“What do the numbers on the cross over (for example #4) means, and when or where do you use number #4, #5, or #6 cross over?

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Decoders and Speakers

Palitha asks:

Can someone kindly recommend DCC decoders and speakers for the following DC engines
1, DENVER & RIO GRANDE GP40 Diesel Locomotive Atlas #7038 HO
2,H0 Fleischmann 1156 Dampflok Baureihe 56 DB, AC, OVP

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Track Voltage Loss

Neil models HO and asks:

“My loco drops 2 volts and slows the further away it gets from my power terminal track. Do I need 2 power terminal tracks positioned at opposite ends of my 9 foot track? Can someone clarify please?”

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NEW! Plans For 11 Scale Model 3D Shops Now Available To Download… Photo-Realistic!


PDF plans for series #1 and series #2 are now available for download at https://www.modelbuildings.org/oo-n-ho-scale-3d-shopping-center-for-railroads

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Code 100 Track Question

Beginner to the hobby Orjan asks:

“Sorry for my ignorance but in simple terms what does code 100 mean? If I go with code 100 would I always need to use the same track code?”

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Gear Slipping on HO Scale Norfolk and Western Class J

David posted this:

“My sons love model trains but it is something I never messed with as a child. I am fully indulging their hobby looking for things on Craigslist and eBay. I just gave my son an HO Norfolk and Western 4-8-4 train I bought used off of eBay for his birthday. It ran around the track once perfectly, but then it started acting like the motor was not catching the gears properly. It runs but acts like a transmission slipping. I have repaired Thomas track master trains and a small HO Freedom Train but this train is larger and more complicated at least to me.

1) Is there a resource any of you would recommend for adjusting or replacing gears on such a model?

2)We live in Western North Carolina. Are there places I could take it for repair if it is beyond my scope and abilities? Thanks”

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Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Whistler

Bill writes:

“Dear Railroaders, I hope all are safe and well. I have a A.C. Gilbert Co., Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Whistler, and believe it to be a Model 577. Running 3-rail O gauge trains. I have no wiring instructions or manual for the Whistler. Does anyone know where to access installation instructions, a parts list and/or wiring diagram? It would be greatly appreciated. Best regards.”

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Which EZ Track To Use

Darren who models HO asks:

“I’m using EZ track and am planning to add a two-stall engine shed to my layout. Which track should I use to have two lines run into the shed before combining just after exiting the shed? Will there be any likely issues?”

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Which Industries To Model

Allan posted:

“I’ve decided on N scale for my new layout which has the potential to be 2ft-3ft deep in places in my 8ft x 10ft space. I also decided to model the late ’90s to the present day, but haven’t yet decided on an industry (industries) to incorporate. I had thought of logging & lumber, but there are probably better options these days. Ideas are definitely appreciated! Thanks in advance!”

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Planning a 3 Percent Track Grade

Simon asks:

“Looks a 3% grade section is what I’ll need on my 65″ x 90″ HO layout. I was hoping for less, but with 18″ curves and a 122″ run that’s what’s going to need to happen. My questions – How restrictive will 3% be? What do I need to watch out for?”

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Model Paint Brands and Types – How They Compare

Gerrie writes:

“I don’t want to sound like a scrooge, but the price of model paints seem expensive ranging from $4, $5, $6 for tiny bottles/cans up to $12 or more for spray rattle cans. I want to repaint an old 4-6-0 I picked up on eBay so presume enamel would be best? Scenery/structures I am thinking acrylic? Spray, can, bottle… not sure which way to go? It seems like I could end up buying dozens of different paints. Is there any easy cheaper way? What do other people have?”

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Coming Soon… Plans For Two New Suburban Retail Shopping Centers

Soon to be released… plans for Series #1 and Series #2 suburban shopping centers (centres British English spelling).

retail shopping centers scale railroad models

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