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DCC Narrow Gauge Trains

John writes:

“Please help me. I have just started with DCC narrow gauge. What type of controller should I get? I have just turned 66, and computers are not my strong point but I can get by. What is the best way to start? I have had OO gauge in the past. The reason I have to go smaller s a lack of space. I live in Halesowen. Is there a club near me ? Can any one help me? Regards”

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ECOS Detection of Trains

“Can someone give me a good explanation on how to wire up ECOS and detection of trains to have total automation using the system. I have all the hardware but the manual is not explaining it well enough for me.”

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2-6-4T Locomotive Wheel Size

Bert writes:

“I am planning to purchase a 2-6-4T locomotive. The flanges look out of proportion and could cause future problems on track and turnouts. I see two (2) options: 1. don’t purchase, or 2. change wheelsets. A third option is to purchase and ‘go with the flow’. Any and all comments are welcome.”

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Marshall 111 DC Train Controller

Kenneth asks:

“What is the purpose of the slide controller in the top left-hand corner of the Marshall 111 DC Train Controller unit housing which is marked with F on the left end and P on the right hand end? Hornby has advised that due to the age of the unit they cannot assist.”

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LED Light Strips

Alex asks:

“I am putting in carriage lights in my DC layout and have purchased LED light strips but what size capacitors is required to stop flickering while the car runs?”

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O Scale Railroader Not An N Scale Fan

William writes:

“Good grief! I just bought my first N scale train, (and my last). I’m a Lionel guy and this is ridiculous! The only saving grace is my Bachmann train came with an extra set of Rapido couplers. Why do they make things so difficult?”

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Track Ballast Tones

Daniel models O scale and writes:

“I need some guidance on what color ballast to use on different areas of the layout. Thanks for all comments.”

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Mainline Direction of Travel

Rich asks:

“I’m designing a 6 X 12 layout (HO). I’m liking the idea of multiple long mainline loops with cross-overs of some variety. I’ll have a yard and an industry (coal mine), too. My question is are most layouts designed with a primary direction in mind? How is that established? Thanks.”

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DC Wiring Turntable Roads and Spurs

Ben writes:

“I have the Peco unmotorised turntable on my HO DC layout and am looking for any suggestions on how to wire up the turntable’s spurs/roads so that each track can be turned on as required.

The table itself is connected to the main layout/feeder siding by dropped connecting wires; so one idea I had was doing a similar dropped connection to each spur (almost like a bus wire) with a switch to turn each spur on, however, I figure this would be the best place to get some advice/other ideas. Thanks in advance!”

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Mixing Turnouts

Patrick asks:

“Can I mix turnout brands eg. Walthers with Peco?”

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Why Add Foam Insulation on Top of Plywood?

Roger models in N scale and asks:

“I am going to use cork under my track, but have noticed that foam insulation is commonly added on top of the plywood base. I know it adds some height but why not just place the scenery/landscape directly on top of the plywood? Why not just attach (glue or nails is a whole different topic ) the track and landscape directly to the plywood? What’s the advantage of adding the layer of insulation?”

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Young Model Maker Attempts His First Model


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Liliput 4-6-4 Tank Locomotive

Barry asks:

“I have just acquired an HO s/h Liliput 4-6-4 Tank loco and need to replace the bogie and pony wheels and the driving wheels. I am in Australia and so far I have not been able to locate a local source so I am hoping that someone on this blog can help or point me in the right direction.”

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Non-Powered Deisel Locomotive for Display

Gary asks:

“How interchangeable are locomotive shells? I would like to set up a small O gauge train for display only and I really hate to use and pay for, a working locomotive. I would prefer using a nonpowered locomotive. If I get a nonpowered locomotive, can I use a shell from a powered locomotive?”

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Lighting To Indicate Switching

Henry writes:

“My HO layout is 30 ft long with some turnouts at the far end going to a staging yard. Can I set up some type of lights that can tell me what way the switch is turned? I am using Digitrax DCC My turnouts are controlled with Atlas turnout switches. Or is there some other way that I can tell the direction of the turnout from distance?”

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Turnouts and Track Feeder Wires

Juergen models N scale and asks:

“My turnouts when thrown kill the power to tracks past that turnout and when I throw it back power on to tracks feeder wires on both sides of the turnout is strange. What is going on?”

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Displaying Locos With Lights and Sounds

Steve asks:

“I don’t have space for a staging yard, so I thought I will display some locomotives on shelves directly above my layout. Then I had a brainwave to lay some track on each shelf and wire each so that I can demonstrate the working lights and sounds without having the locos move. Is there an easy way to do this? Appreciate your input thank you.”

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Watch How To Make Bus and Trackside Shelters

The plans for these bus/trackside shelters can be purchased separately or as part of a package deal. You can construct as many shelters as you require from just one download… there is no need to buy a separate download for each shelter you build. https://www.modelbuildings.org/more-building-plans-pack-deal

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