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Make Your Own Realistic Model Train Walls and Bridges

Tutorial Constructing A Fire Station Scale Model

In this tutorial we see how a fire station scale model is constructed in OO scale. The plans can also be built to HO scale, or N scale.

Download plans for this fire station model https://www.modelbuildings.org/fire-department-ambulance-police-station-models/

There is also a city fire station that can be constructed as a background building https://www.modelbuildings.org/city-series/

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Efficient Use Of Space

Paul from the UK sent in this great photo and writes:

“Thank you for making me aware of the support that is out there! I’m slowly getting there, all this has been built out of scrap wood!”UK loft train layout

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Fish Plates on Rail Track

Tony asks:

“What is the best way to put fishplates on OO rail track please?”

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HOUSE ON FIRE Tutorial – Watch Me Construct A Fire Damaged Burned Out House In HO Scale

This tutorial reveals how easy it is to construct a fire damaged scale model. The plans for this fire damaged house model can be constructed to HO scale, OO gauge, or N scale.

Download plans for a burned-out background building and backdrop fire station https://www.modelbuildings.org/city-series/

Download plans for the fire-damaged house model, a fire department building, ambulance station, and police station https://www.modelbuildings.org/fire-department-ambulance-police-station-models/

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Mobile Charge Office Used By Police on South African Trains

Prisoner Police Train South Africa


Peter Field from Pietermaritzburg in South Africa sent in this photo of his layout to share. He writes:

“We are fine just hiding from the COVID 19 but fine so spend a lot of time working on the layout which is 99% completed other than maintenance and doing small adjustments every so often.

Attached is a pic of the mobile charge office as used on many passenger trains in RSA. It has a charge office, counseling room, sleeping quarters for approx. 6 police officers, and small kitchenette, shower, and toilet compartment. The car has 4 cells in the rear with very small windows. It is also used on the container trains as protection as criminals break into the containers every so often. The police patrol the train when stopped at a station if necessary.”

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Banking On Curve

Tony models OO gauge and asks:

“I think my 10 inch inside radius 180-degree curve built on a wallpaper paste table needs some sort of banking underneath to prevent the engine and rolling stock coming off at any speed. So my question is how high should the outside of the banking be compared to the inside, which I suspect to be zero?”

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What are Droppers?

Following on from the question from Bryan, another Brian posted this question:

“I was just reading a persons question on your site.  He mentioned adding DROPPERS to help stop engines from stalling at a switch.  My questions are WHAT EXACTLY IS A DROPPER and HOW DO THEY FUNCTION?”

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GP-7 Stalls on Atlas #6 Turnout

Bryan has kalamazoo-grand-rapids-railroadthis question:

“I have HO with NCE PC. After problems with my Atlas #6 turnout I added droppers and my engines stopped stalling on it – see my drawing. My GP-7 approaches from Kalmanazoo bound for Grand Rapids… no issues… but heading in the opposite direction it stalls. Doesn’t happen with my other engines. I marked it on the drawing where it stalls. It stops then restarts. I have 2 reverse loops.”

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Bachmann GP-35 Buzzing

Max writes:

“I got my DCC Bachmann GP-35 out to give it a run after sitting it its box for several months, but the motor is buzzing and humming, and surged when I tried to move it. Maybe the voltage or the brushes are causing it?? I recently cleaned the track and originally got it with the decoder installed if that helps. Any thoughts?”

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EMD GP40 Factory Settings

Ewan posted this:

“I got a EMD GP40 not brand new but looks hardly used. When I first ran it the engine worked ok, then I removed it from the track to do some minor track adjustments, and that’s when the problem started. It seems to respond to all the controls correctly, but when the power is connected the FT-A starts to move forward very quick. It responds to the emergency stop but not other commands. Is there a way to reset to factory settings, or do I buy a new decoder maybe? I don’t have a programming track to test it on.”

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Tutorial – How to Make a 1950s Style Railway House 👍😉

This tutorial shows the basics of building a 1950s style house. The plans for this house can be constructed to HO, OO, or N scale.

Download the B583 Railway House Plans HERE

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Power Loss On Layout

Hans writes:

“Please help! My model-train layout spreads over 20m2. I have the transformer on one end. I noticed that when the locomotive is on the opposite side, approx. 6mtrs distance, the power supply weakens. So, I added another transformer to the opposite side and it worked for a while, but now the transformer is burned-out. What recommendation do you give me to have a constant power-supply across the entire network? Thank you for your help.”

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Digitrax DH165A0 Lighting Control

Jim asksDigitrax DH165A0:

“I have recently installed a Digitrax DH165A0 into my Atlas C-425 engine. How do I set the direction of the engine to control the forward and reverse lighting?”

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Sound Decoder Question For Kato SD90/43MAC Loco

Liam writes”

“I got a Kato HO SD90/43MAC on eBay (#176-5611) and want to fit a sounder decoder. Stupid question I know, but does a sound decoder also have a regular DCC decoder? Which one should I get and will the speaker, which I presume comes with it, fit ok?

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N Scale Kato Unitrack Feeders

Colin posted this question:

“I just spotted Marks question on Kato Unitrack, so thought I would ask – will 24 American Wire Gauge be suitable for track feeders if I keep them reasonably short?”

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Watch How A Beginner Constructs His First Scale Model 👍👍👍

This short tutorial was put together from video clips supplied by a proud newbie to model making. A good first attempt. He has agreed to make more.

Download the B618 Boiler House Plans HERE

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Kato Unitrack Question From Mark

Mark asks:

“I recently brought an N scale M1 starter set and was wondering what is the best track set to add to the starter set for someone starting out?”

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Room Conditions for a Train Layout

Ernie sent in this question:

“I have the opportunity to set up an HO layout in a room that is NOT heated or cooled. Will this affect the scenery or rails? Will it affect my loco’s motors? Please supply advice”.

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