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Best Turnouts For DCC And Can I Run DCC And DC On The Same Track

Ed has these questions for readers:

“Let’s start with I am very new to this. I haven’t had a train layout since I had been eight years old and my father did it. I’m now 68. I’m looking to set up a new layout and I’ve been doing some research. I want to start with DC trains but then eventually do some DCC so I want to build my layout for both. My first question is what would be the best turn outs to use for DCC so I don’t have any dead spots? My next question is can I run DC and then change over to DCC when I am ready? I don’t expect to run both at the same time just one or the other. Thanks for any help.”

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Make This Farm Barn Complete With A Grain Silo For Your Scale Model Railroad Layout

Watch this step by step demo showing how easy it is to construct a barn complete with silo for an HO scale, OO gauge, or N scale model railroad. The plans can be downloaded from the Farming Category at https://www.modelbuildings.org/farm-buildings

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Can Model Buildings Be Reduced to TT Scale

Tim asks:

“I am looking for TT:120 scale printed backdrop buildings or anything done to this scale. The scale has been revived by Hornby and I am heavily involved in it now.”

The quick answer is YES you can make TT scale model buildings!

TT Scale is 1:120 scale so is roughly halfway between HO Scale and N Scale, so you could simply scale the OO plans on your home printer reducing them to 63% of the OO size.

There is a big selection of OO/HO and N scale background building plans available for download at https://www.modelbuildings.org/background-buildings

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Removing DCC Decoders

Arnaldo models OO and asks:

“I have been offered three cheap locomotives that are fitted with DCC but I operate DC. Is it simply a case of removing the chip to run them on my system, or will I need to do more?”

Supply your own suggestions under this post, or see what others have to say.

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Turnouts for Bachmann GP40

Bruce models HO and asks:

“I spotted a Bachmann GP40 I want to buy but I think the turnouts on my switching layout will be too short or tight for it to operate. If I upgrade what turnouts should I go for #5 or #6? Thanks in advance.”

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1/16 x 3/16 Round Half Sawn Basswood Sticks

Jon asks readers:

“Does anyone know where I can find 1/16″H x 3/16″W half-sawn basswood sticks? I am trying to replicate a log siding on a building I am making. Appreciate the feedback.”

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Advice On Identifying Power Source

Ken asks readers:

“Please can you advise me. I have inherited quite a few engines. Trix, Hornby and possibly other makes. How do I identify which are DC and which are AC. Will I damage them if I give them the wrong power?”

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How To Make These Scale Model Sheds – HO Scale, OO, N Scale. Watch This Step-By-Step Demonstration.

These side-by-side sheds can be used in a farming agricultural scene, or as a workshop in an industrial scene. You can download the plans at https://www.modelbuildings.org/farm-buildings

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Train Not Running on NCE Power Cab

Peter writes:

“I have just added an NCE Smart Booster to my HO scale NCE Power Cab controlled System. It has greatly improve the speed of 5 of my DCC locos. The other two locos have whistle, bell and operating sound when I put in their address and placed on the track but do not move when I move the speed wheel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.”

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Atlas Twin Coils and Atlas Snap Relay

Enrique has HO scale and asks:

“How many Atlas Twin-Coils switch machines and Atlas Snap Relays can one wire together before exceeding the current limits, cause damage, or simply do not work?”

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Random Train Uncoupling A Problem

Will models N scale and writes:

“I am running N gauge T-Trak modules with 1930’s British outline rolling stock. I get frequent uncouplings – often at the joins of the modules and on turnouts/switches with my none-bogie rolling stock using Rapido couplers. Is there anyway to check/adjust the Rapido couplers to prevent this?”

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Tender Derailment

Kevin has G scale and asks:

“My tender on my 20th century passenger train leaves the track on just one of the curves and not the other three. Any ideas why? Thanks.”

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Wheel Rolls Up and Over Rail

Buzza writes:

“Of the 16 cars I have on my HO layout, two are giving me grief by constantly derailing inside my tunnel and on another section of track. The other cars seem ok. I checked and the wheels and rails are in gauge. On close inspection, a rear wheel on one car rolled up and over the inner rail. Should I change the wheels/couplers? Uncertain what to do.”

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Kato Unitrack Joiner Problem

Wayne asks:

“I have Kato Unitrack joiners that are losing power. Is there an easy way to tighten them, or is it better to replace them?”

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Watch How Easy It Is To Build A Church To HO, OO, or N Scale For Your Model Railroad Layout

Churches are popular buildings to include on model train layouts because most communities have at least on church. You’ll find these church structures listed in the 3D structures page https://www.modelbuildings.org/3d-structures

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Lima Brass Locomotive

Steve writes:

“I have inherited a Model Cast Brass Locomotive and Coal Car mounted on Granite and inscribed Chesapeake and Ohio Railway H-8 Allegheny 2-6-6-6 Built by Lima Locomotive Works, 1941. It is signed C.L.Miller 65/250. Any info or help would be appreciated. Thanks.”

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Look How Quick and Easy It Is To build An Engine Shed For Your Model Railroad – HO Scale, N Scale, OO Scale

You can download the plans at https://www.modelbuildings.org/railroad-structures Print and build to HO scale, OO gauge, or N scale. Have fun!

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Installing O Scale Model Brick

Jon writes:

“Hey Guys, I am building a diorama of our lake home and I want to make the chimney which is ground to roof top high out of O scale individual brick. I plan to use some solid stock pine to create the base to build off of but I was hoping to could get some tips on how to install/lay the individual brick without making a mess. These are tiny brick as you may well know. Any help is appreciated… Any thoughts on the correct adhesive to use is also appreciated… Have a great day Folks!”

Please add any suggestions below.

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