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Clever Idea – Making Corrugated Tin and Coal sacks

John T has kindly shared these ideas:

Here is a tip for who is interested tin and coal sacks.

I brought ready made corrugated plastic sheets then I made my own Iused the brought sheet an foil tray from a meat pie cut it to shape then placed the foil on top. I run a finger nail down the creases to make it very realistic.

Coal sacks

I brought three boxes of tips you uses for roll ups from a pound shop pressed them a little to the desired shape. I removed some filling from the top end and placed model coal in and painted the sacks.

Hope this is of interest to you.

Hopefully John can upload a photo in the comments section of his post.

6 Responses to Clever Idea – Making Corrugated Tin and Coal sacks

  • David Stokessays:

    what is a “roll up”

    • Sheldon Clarksays:

      Home-made cigarette.

  • David Stokessays:

    I make my corrugated iron for roofing using a pasta roller and a sheet of proprietory plastic corrugated roofing , I think it came from Aughegen, a German manufacturer.
    Take the plastic sheet and cut it in two. Place the corrugated sides together and slide them until they mesh together. Mark the outer sides with a permanent marker so that you can get the same orientation each time you do this. Now place a piece of domestic aluminium foil between the two plastic sheets and wind them through the pasta machine. Hey Presto! Corrugated iron.

  • Montysays:

    I sure would like to see some pictures of this so I’d have a clearer picture about what you do. Is the “roll up” a pasta machine? And what is a pound shop?


    • Ricksays:

      A ‘roll up’ is a hand-made cigarette; the tips are the filter tips some smokers prefer to have.

    • Ricksays:

      A ‘pound shop’ is a type of general store in the UK where most of the products are sold for £1 (sterling).

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