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DCC READY Locomotives

Ed asks for comments:

“If a Locomotive is being sold as ‘DCC ready’ will it still perform normally in DC mode if the DCC circuitry is not installed?”

4 Responses to DCC READY Locomotives

  • Dale Arendssays:

    Generally, yes. Most DCC-Ready locos are set up for DC operation with a jumper plug where the DCC decoder would go. To convert them, usually all that’s necessary is to remove the jumpers and plug the appropriate decoder into that spot.


    The tsumani 2 decoder for example has a cv that when set, tells the decoder to use either dc or dcc ower.


    DCC READY indicates that all loco wiring for motor and leds are in place and coming to a central socket location that conforms to NMRA decoder pinout standards. You then acquire an appropriate decoer chip that is designed to immitate your loco and has the harness that plugs into this socket. With no decoder the loco is in DC mode with a transformer to the rails. So pop out the header jumper plug when ready for DCC and plug in your decoder’s header and off yo go. PS – no more dc at this point unless you have told your decoder to use it with a cv setting.

  • Frank Bsays:

    A “DCC ready” loco is a DC loco, but with wiring already in place for a DCC module to be easily plugged in.

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