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Transformer Cord Residue

Kim has this question for readers:

“When I unpacked my O gauge Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set for under my Christmas tree this year, I noticed on my transformer cord that there is some kind of white paper like sticky substance, here and there on the cord. Is it safe to use? I have been trying to peel it off with my fingernail and wondered how, where and why this has happened. I am very careful with my set and I don’t remember this on the cord when I boxed it up last year. Thank you.”

2 Responses to Transformer Cord Residue

  • nelson t stahlsays:

    As long as you can’t see any copper wire it should be just fine. I would think something was spilled on it, or leaked from something else.

  • Johnsays:

    If it was packed away in styrofoam sometimes the styrofoam will stick to the cord. If the cord is cracked or brittle, I would replace it, but residue sticking to it shouldn’t hurt it.

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