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Replacement of Athearn Wheels or Trucks

David asks:

“I have an F-7 b unit by Athearn. It has a bent wheel. Does anyone know where to purchase replacement for the blue box?”

3 Responses to Replacement of Athearn Wheels or Trucks

  • Ron M says:

    Most model railroad stores stock the Athearn wheel sets, can find them on Ebay also.

  • Sundaram says:

    If you are good with your hands and are a handyman, try removing the bend. To the extent possible,I normally repair rather than replace, because replacement cost is very high for us living in India ( the transport is twice or twice the piece cost if toy can find the item). If it is die cast wheel it would crack if you hammer. Try to get is heated and pressed – if you know some small workshop – they would help.
    Alternately, write Athearn and ask them about spare parts.
    As some one commented ,you can get them on ebay . Browse for used items/loco accessories.

  • Bill says:

    NWSL (Northwest Short Line) will be able to help you but hurry up they are closing this coming summer

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