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Brand New! Just Released! 15 Background City Buildings To Download and Build

Christmas Train Set – Which Track?

Debbie asks:

“My son has HO model train cars from when he was a child and also his father’s train cars from when he was a child. I would like to surprise him this Christmas by setting up a track around the Christmas tree and using some of his train cars. However, the track he has is very old and I would like to purchase new track and a new controller. What brand or type of track would be the easiest for me to assemble? I would appreciate any information! Thank you.”

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Track and Circuit Control

Derek asks:

“Hi folks I am looking for anyone who knows the right name for the joining pins that go between a track controller and a circuit controller. I am looking for the joining pins that go between Hornby 900 track controller to the Hornby 910 circuit controller so the circuit controller can power trains around the track. Cheers guys”

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O Scale Train Identification

Greg asks:

“I have 3 cars that I would like information – identification, manufacturer, etc. I appreciate all assistance.”

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AT LAST! Now Available 10 NEW Plans For Constructing OLD Background Buildings – Some Derelict!


5 of these new scale model plans feature abandoned derelict buildings which will add character against the background of a OO, N scale, or HO scale model railroad. This short video demonstrates how easy it is to construct these downloadable plans.

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Loco Conversion

Rich asks:

“Is there any way to convert a DCC loco to straight DC?”

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Arduino Coding for a Turntable

Tony models OO and asks:

“Does anyone have a simple Arduino coding for a turntable? I’ve made a simple 3d printed turntable for the model railway I’m building for my grandson and want to control it from an Arduino. It’s a simple one-on one-off system. I intend to use a Hall Effect sensor to align it with the tracks. Ta in advance for your help.”

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Soldering Rails or Rail Joiners?

Darren models HO and asks:

“I’m using sectional track and about to start soldering some rail joiners and installing feeder wires. Should I solder my feeder wires to rail joiners, or directly to the rails?”

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Best Sound Reducing Roadbed

Samuel asks:

“I’m not keen on using nails so thought cork or foam would be easy to glue in place. I also want to suppress the noise as much as I can. Which material would be best?”

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The Optimal Model Train Consist

Trevor asks:

“I think I’ve got it right putting my heavy or larger cars at the front of the train and positioning the other cars behind with the lightest cars closest to the caboose? I have both diesels at the front facing the same direction nose to tail, or should I runs my diesels tail to tail? What’s right or is it just a preference thing?”

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Coming Soon! An exciting new series of derelict scale model background buildings

In a few days, two new series of scale model background buildings will be available for download. The series shown here features several abandoned industrial buildings, and the other series includes some factories and workshops. The plans can be downloaded and built to OO, HO, or N scale and are some of the most realistic-looking models ever released.

Available soon from https://www.modelbuildings.org

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DCC Locomotives Operated On DC

George asks:

“Could a DCC engine be damaged if run on a DC system?”

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2-8-8-4 HO Steam Engine

Rob B asks:

“I have an HO 2-8-8-4 Yellowstone steam engine since about 1950. It is basically a brass engine with a wood boiler. I would like to know the origin and manufacture. Thanks.”

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Running Model Trains After Hurricane Ida Flood

Gary was impacted by Hurricane Ida and asks:

“We had IDA dump 10” in our basement. None of my O scale train equipment was damaged. My question is, the track. I had kept a 50-55 degree humidity. It has come down to good numbers. I’m worried about the track surface. What should I do and/or use.”

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Using NCE Switch-Kat and Kato 4ch Turnout Controller

Ivan asks:

“My HO track and turnouts are Bachmann. Can I use the Switch Kat and Kato 4ch controller? The Bachmann turnout has 3 wires, whereas Kato turnouts have two? How would you wire that so that it would work?”

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Kadee 50-footer Boxcar Coupler

Garry posted:

“One of my Kadee 50 footers has a bent coupler I need to fix but I’m not sure how to remove the coupler cover without damaging it. I guess they are not designed to be fixed?”

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Dirty Stuff On Rails

Kev writes:

“I’ve only been running my trains for a short time and already there is black stuff building up on the rails. If I don’t clean it away my engine loses some power. I don’t think it’s grease, oil, or the paint I used on the ties and rails which I shined with bright boy. What is it and the cause, and how can I prevent it from coming back? Do others have this problem?”

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Bentley Model Railway Group Trainwest Model Railway Exhibition

Don sent in these photos to share from the Bentley Model Railway Group Trainwest Model Railway Exhibition in the United Kingdom West Country which he attended in 2019.

Bentley Model Railway Group Trainwest Model Railway Exhibition

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Cork Track Base

Jeff asks readers:

“I have an old HO scale setup on a 4’x6’ sheet of plywood. The old track is on a raised cork bed. The train barely moves on the track. After applying several cleaning methods, unsuccessfully, I’m told I need some new track. I would like to purchase new updated tracking but am unfamiliar with it. Most importantly will it fit on my previously installed cork bed. Any help to get me started would be greatly appreciated.”

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