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model scale railroad houses to construct ho scale n scale oo gauge

Triang OO Engines Stalling

Alph writes:

“As an absolute first starter,the basic layout I’m trying to operate uses modern Hornby track. However, the locos are all 60s-early 70s Triang. When I fix 2 Hornby r8201 connectors from the main line to the siding track the locos run for a few secs then become inoperative. I’m concerned I may damage them. What causes this and how do I fix it?”

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Running Problems Track Cross Overs

Stuart model in OO and asks readers:

“Hi, has anyone experienced problems with Track Cross Overs (diamond crossings)and short circuit issues?
I operate my layout using DCC Control which works well except that two new locomotives that I’ve recently purchased (Hornby class 90 and a class 92) when crossing the crossovers create a short circuit, none of my other locomotive experience this issue. I’m at a bit of a loss to be honest so any ideas and hints would be welcome. Thanks in advance Stuart”

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Proto 2000 Engines Manufacture

Jim poses this question for readers:

“Another of those questions that was sparked previous to a purchase. I saw a number of HO Scale Proto 2000 engines (different types in original boxes) and when looking at the guts of a few of the engines, I saw wires to a PCB. The question becomes; are all Proto 2000 engines DCC? If not, why is there a PCB on the top of the weight in any of the engines?”

Please comment below if you can assist Jim.

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Weathering Old Cars and Rolling Stock

Randall asks:

“I have several dusty 30 year old HO cars with the original factory finish I want to repaint and weather. What should I use to clean and prepare them?”

Write and submit your COMMENTS below for publication.

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Genesis MP15AC and RTR SW1500 Switchers

Jesse asks:

“I have been looking at HO Athearn switchers online but the Genesis MP15AC and RTR SW1500 both seem pricey. It might be just me but they seem to have got more expensive? Anything comparable that’s cheaper?”

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Old Dilapidated Industrial Building Brand New To Make in HO Scale, S, OO, or N Scale. WATCH THE QUICK VIDEO TUTORIAL 👍👍👍

You can download the plans for the DERELICT BUILDING SERIES #1 here


Plans for the SERIES #2 DERELICT BUILDINGS can be downloaded here


You can explore many other background building plans here


Enjoy! 😄

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Model Railroaders – Where Do You live?

The results of our latest reader poll are in. The question – Where Do You live?

Results were as follows:

USA (51%)
Australia/New Zealand (16%)
United Kingdom (11%)
Canada (11%)
Somewhere else in Europe (6%)
South Africa (4%)
Asia (1%)

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Metal Wheels For Model Trains

Ralph asks readers:

“Can someone tell me he differences between a 33″ and a 36″ HO wheel and how to measure these wheels?”

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Loco Wheels Trying to Run…But The Loco Stays Still – Why?

David writes:

“I have an HO Scale KATO 37-6110 Amtrak Phase V Late GE P42 Genesis Diesel #19 Standard DC. I have had this engine since Apr. 18, 2023 and purchased it online. It stopped running after about 5 months and passed the warranty date. I didn’t know how to fix the problem.

Is it possible my layout, is causing the issue as it has a grade % of a 3-inch drop and a run out of 10 foot? Could the problem have been caused by the engine running faster downhill and laboring going up? The wheels look clean.

Can that damage the engine in some way? If we cannot find the problem should I replace the truck motors front and back? I can do that because I have found the truck motors online. Thank You much!”

If you can assist David, please add your comments under this post.

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Soldering Track

Max asks:

“I’ve chosen to go N scale and am finding the small size good but challenging in some ways. What are the downsides if I don’t solder or wire each rail section?”

Please post your comments under this question if you can assist Max.

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Car Weights

Terry model HO scale and asks:

“I have a variety of car types on my layout and wondered if there’s a proper weight for each different car type?”

You can add your comments/thoughts below.

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Model Train Poll Results – How long have you been a model railroader?

The results of our readers poll are in. The question –

How long have you been a model railroader?

30 to 50 years (23 Votes)

50+ years (18 Votes)

5 to 10 years (11 Votes)

20 to 30 years (9 Votes)

10 to 20 years (8 Votes)

2 to 5 years (5 Votes)

Under 2 years (4 Votes)

I have not yet started in the hobby (3 Votes)

Thanks to everyone who took part.

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This Quick 3 Minute Tutorial Shows How This Scale Model Creamery Milk Factory Was Constructed Step-By-Step

You can download this plans for this scale model and/or the other models in the series at


These background buildings are perfect for displaying behind track and against backdrops on HO scale, N scale, or S scale model railroads.

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Noch 60873 Modellwasser Artificial Water Problem

Rob writes:

“I’ve used the Noch Model Water product and after 3 days, it has dried cloudy as opposed to clear. I applied it in one pour, to a depth up to about 3mm and left it outside under an awning (with no direct sunlight, wind or rain). Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? Can anyone tell me how to fix it (other than to rip it out and try again)? Thanks in advance.”

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Kato Motor Removal

Wayne models N Scale and posts this question:

“How do you take the motor out of a Kato EMD E8/E9 without damaging the contact strips on the top?”

To help Wayne please post your thoughts below.

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Painting Boxcars

Philip asks:

“I was going to repaint several old boxcars by hand with a bush, but saw little cans of Tamiya model spray paints in an art store. Has anyone used them? Would this be easier and give a smoother finish than using a paint brush?”

To answer Philip’s question, or to view the answers, click on the COMMENTS link below.

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P2K Diesel E8 Derails

David asks:

“I can’t figure why my P2K E8 derails coming off my turnout. I checked it over and can’t find the cause?”

If you can help David, then please add your comment or suggestion under his post.

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WATCH This Free Demo Showing How To Make Background Industry Building For Your Model Train Layout

You can download the plans for these background industry buildings at


The web page also has a helpful chart showing the approximate sizes of these buildings in HO scale, OO scale, N scale as well as the life size equivalent.

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