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15 scale models background city buildings

New Locomotive Suggestions

Craig models in HO and posted this question:

“I am looking to add a DC locomotive to my operation. I have 18 degree rail with tight operations. The setup is early sixties era. Any suggestions?”

You can add any suggestions to guide Craig under this post.

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55 Atlas Turnout Issue

Melvin asks:

“My trains run smoothly except for a little hesitation on my 55 Atlas turnout points. Would the poor connection be due to a lot of use or corrosion? I would like some suggestions from anyone who has been thru this. Thanks in anticipation.”

Contribute your comments and view comments from other readers below.

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How to Select The Right DCC Decoder

Clifford asks:

“I know I’m a slow starter, but have finally decided to convert from DC to DCC. My question is which decoders to purchase for my various locomotives. How do I match up a loco model with the correct decoder and sound system?”

You can submit your comments below to assist Clifford.

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Watch How To Build This Old Wild West Telegraph Office and Stage Coach Depot

You can download the plans and construct to HO, OO, or N scale at https://www.modelbuildings.org/wildwest-mining

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Cattle On The Railway Tracks At The Golden State Model Railroad

Must be why it’s called a “cowcatcher.”

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Layout Rules and Historical Relevance

Dave asks readers:

“Can someone point me to a set/sign of rules for ‘My Model Railroad’ that includes a comment about an anachronism on the layout?”

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Layout Automation

Douglas has HO and asks readers:

“Does anyone have experience with layout animation, such as cranes or loaders including loading or unloading things like boxes, coal, cargo, logs, or livestock into or out of model railroad cars. Are there kits for this or are they more home built?”

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Flange Depth Code 70 Track

Samuel has an HO question:

“Does anybody know the greatest loco flange depth that can run on code 70 track?”

Reply under COMMENTS below if you can help Samuel.

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Which Baseboard Materials To Use?

Justin is starting out in OO and asks:

“I will use 100mm x 50mm timber (I think that’s 2×4 in the USA) for the framework of my first-ever layout. I think that should do the job. I am however I bit unsure about what material to use for the baseboard. Can your readers advise please? Thanking you.”

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13 Old Wild West Town Models To Make Including This Authentic Looking Telegraph Office and Stage Coach Station – WATCH VIDEO DEMO

Watch this quick demonstration of how to build the old wild west telegraph office and stage coach station building. You can download the plans and see all 13 wild west models here https://www.modelbuildings.org/wildwest-mining

This video shows construction to OO scale, but the plans can also be constructed to HO scale or N scale.

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Hornby Locos Test

Garth asks:

“I am cleaning Hornby HO locos (DCC) for a friend and want to test them. I have a Digitrax system. On the Hornby box it indicates the power to the loco is DC (direct current). The track power from the Digitrax is AC and I’m concerned this may damage the decoders in the Hornby locos. We live in different towns, so I can’t easily test on his track.”

If you are able to advise Garth, please add your thoughts below.

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Keeping Track Of Model Trains

Raymond asks:

“Are there any recommended free programs for keeping an inventory of my model trains?”

Add or view answers directly below this post.

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Circuit Polarity and Power Needed To Haul 4 Engines

David asks:

“I have an N scale layout DC system with five main loops, a number of sidings and a turntable using a separate DC controller for each of the five main loops and isolating switches for sidings and turntable. My question is going to DCC do I just parallel up all circuits maintaining same polarity? The main layout is approximately 8X4 feet, each loop is probably about 20 feet. Also what size power supply would I need to probably run about 4 engines at any time?”

You can comment below.

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How To Build Tall Scale Model Industrial Buildings To Add Detail, Character, and Realism To A Model Train Backdrop Scene. Watch How…

This demonstration shows the more complex method of construction this scale model, because uses a method of cutting out the doors and windows to provide a greater 3D effect. You can simply glue the plan to card or corflute (foam board) instead which will still provide a good 3D effect, but not to the same extent. Simply decide which method you prefer based on the 3D effects you want to achieve.

You can download the plans at https://www.modelbuildings.org/background-buildings

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NCE Power Cab Issue

Richard sent in this question:

“I have a problem and I am hoping that you and you followers can help. I am located in Florida and have not been able to get help locally. I have all new DCC equipment and NCE power cab. Everything was running fine and the next day it was not running at all. The screen on the handheld was showing “NCE procab v1.3 cab address =02″. I called NCE and they told me that I have a short. How can that be and what do I do?”

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Radio Controlled Locomotives

Zolton asks:

“Hello everyone, Could someone recommend me please a supplier who is offering HO scale locomotives having a radio remote control and battery on the loco, so I do not have to use a digital control and energy supply trough the rails?”

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How To Sell My Model Train Layout

Gordon asks:

“We’re downsizing and I need to dismantle and sell off the freightable components of my layout i.e. engines, rolling stock, and possibly structures… if they stay in one piece. I know I will need to trash some things. If you have tackled this exercise then I would be interested in your experiences and any suggestions or pitfalls. I’m not sure who to approach or where to advertise. I know I will take a big loss but I have had a lot of enjoyment over the years. Ideas please.”

If you can guide Gordon, please post your comments and suggestions below.

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Proto 2000 GP9 Gear Box

Adam models HO and asks:

“The front gearbox on my Proto 2000 GP9 diesel has seized up. The rear drivers still turn as do the flywheels and front drive shaft. The front driver gears won’t. I will need to take out the motor and gear boxes, but I’m not sure how to go about that and fixing the problem. Some words from the wise would be very much appreciated. With thanks.”

Please add any suggestions to assist Adam under this post.

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