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Track Current

Ed asks:

“Hi everyone, I have been building my ho scale city for 8 years and finally I have my trains running however for two days for some reason I have no current running through my tracks. I have checked all connections (soldered my droppers with main), rail joiners. I have a DCS 100 with a Dt 602. Any input would be helpful?”

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Another 9 Impressive Scale Model Houses To Make – Watch Video

You can download the plans using the special link below.


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Lionel ZW Transformer Issue

Steven writes:

“Hello, I just purchased a ZW transformer over Christmas and got it running. It worked great on all 4 throttles. Then there was a derailment and now D-U doesn’t work but A-U, B-U & C-U still work fine. I took off the cover and everything looks in good shape however I did smell a slight odor; not sure that is normal or associated with the short (train derailment). I measured the resistance on A-U and I get 236 ohms while I get OL on B-U, C-U and D-U however D-U is the only throttle that doesn’t work. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.”

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Two Linked Engines

Rudy models HO and asks:

“Perhaps this has been asked before, but…Is there a danger to either engine if they are linked together, but one normally runs more slowly, or faster, than the other?”

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Foamboard on Plywood

Nigel W asks:

“I have been watching videos on laying foam board, onto the plywood, Please can you let me know why?
Is this better than laying railway tracks straight onto the plywood? I will be setting up a DCC layout soon. If I do lay down foam board onto the 3/4 inch plywood and then lay ‘Woodlands-track bed underlay’ on top, then lay the track; will this be the correct thing to do?”

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Wiring The Track For The First Time

Chris is planning an HO DCC layout and writes:

“I had an O scale friend of mine tell me that when you wire the layout you should run electricity to the track every 2 to 3 feet throughout the layout. I’ve only ever known to wire it to one part of the layout. He said that wiring it to multiple parts takes away the hesitation the engine has as it goes through different stretches of railroad. Does anybody know if this is correct?”

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Athearn SW15 On 15-Inch Radius Track

Matt models HO and asks:

“I want some advice on the max rolling stock length and using an Athearn SW15 on a 15″ radius track? Any issues? Thanks guys!”

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Engine Wheels Lifting

Lyle models OO and asks:

“Hi there, the small wheels at the front of my engine lift up but not off the track on the bend, but going backward it does not. Any help is great thanks.”

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Raised Second Track

Steve writes:

“Hi everyone. I was a newbie and I did a full HO layout for the first time on a 8 x 4 board and really enjoy it. Was thinking about expansion upwards and was thinking of running a raised track on top of the one I have – the only piers/risers I see have flat bottoms which obviously won’t work. Any ideas or is my idea one that can never work. Thanks in advance.”

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Track and Engine Type

A different Mike who posted below writes:

“it’s been a while since I have been in the hobby so do I buy a set or individual engine and cars? Wondering about the type of track, brand for all of the above? I want N scale, diesel, and am looking at small layout and a mining scene. Thanks.”

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Kato vs Athearn vs Bachmann

Mike asks:

“I am new to the model train world and would like to know Kato engines and rolling stock compares to Athearn and Bachmann? I am about to buy items to set up my first HO scene. Thanks guys.”

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Track Insulators

Barry writes:

“It has been a long time since I have written anything, about anything. We will be moving to the sunflower state (Kansas) and l will have a room for my model railroad HO scale 10 x 12. On the picture is a layout or design if your readers could help me a little on where the track insulators would go? Thanks.”

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C.K. Edwards Auto Industries Parts and Spares Building to Construct in N Scale, OO, or HO Scale

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The Gainsborough Group Industrial Equipment Building For HO, OO, and N Scale Layouts

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Removing Track Ballast

Tony asks:

“Is there a quick way to remove the ballast from sections of track? I inherited the layout and I assume my Dad used some kind of PVA white glue. Can it be dissolved without making too much mess?”

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J.C. Walsh & Sons Engineering – Make to N Scale, OO, or HO Scale

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Engine Condition

Phil writes:

“I ran across a Lionel engine that is about 70 yrs old and in poor condition. I have attempted to clean it up, but I can’t get the engine drive wheels to move manually. I only have the engine and some cars. The engine is a Lionel 027. Any info on this train would be appreciated.”

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Quality of Locomotives

Andy asks:

“Hi all. I’m getting back into the hobby after a 40-year absence. There is a good deal going on an N scale loco that I like. Can I have a consensus from your readers on the quality/reliability of Broadway Limited Imports equipment? Thanks in advance”

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