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15 scale models background city buildings

HO Scale Switcher For 15 Inch Radius Curve

Dennis asks:

“I’m looking to buy a switcher that can negotiate a 15″ inch radius curve. Any suggestions on brands and model numbers?”

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NEW RELEASE!!! 5 Background Industry Buildings. Watch How This Creamery Is Constructed

This sped up tutorial shows construction of the Farmers Co-Op Creamery Dairy Factory Building in OO scale. The plans can also be made to S scale, HO, scale, or N scale. The new series also includes: the Harvest Fresh Grain Distributors Building, P.G. Robertson Manufacturing Industries Building, United Rail Distributors Gold Storage Warehouse and Offices Building, and the G.J. Manufacturing Industries Building. You can view the new series and download the plans here –


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Best Materials For Making Roads

Dwight asks:

“I’m building a modest N-scale layout and wondered what you guys think is the best material or technique for making roads?”

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Track Distance From Wall

Lester is building his HO layout and asks.

“I’m planning my L girder benchwork with plywood sub-roadbed and need to know how wide it needs to be. I want enough space for thin backdrop structures but need to know the minimum possible distance from the drywall (plasterboard) to the center line of the closest track to the wall. Good to hear your thoughts please.”

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Model Train Creeping Forward

Robert M asks:

“I have a tri-ang electronic controller that when the train is stopped it keeps creeping forward or in reverse when the reversing switch is thrown. Can an electronics Guru tell where the fault lies? I will try to add a photo.”

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Helix Ring Diameter

Jack asks:

“Should the ring diameter be the track radius times 2, plus 1/2 of the ring width? What is the vertical distance between rings, and is this from the bottom side of each ring?”

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No. 4 and 6 Turnouts

John K model in N scale and writes:

“I have decided on Kato Unitrack and now need to decide on #4 or #6 turnouts. Is there any preference and why?”

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Train Restaurant Needs Software Help

Maxime has opened a train restaurant in Siagon, Vietnam and desperately needs some advice to rectify issues she is having with the software that controls the train. If you can help I know she would be very happy. Here is what she has to say –

“I started a train restaurant in Vietnam 5 months ago. I did not have the knowledge to create my own DCC automatic system, so I hired a software engineer. It end up that the software he built is full of bugs and I am now looking for a new solution. I am wondering if one of your readers can give me the knowledge I need to build an mobile device App that will control the DCC to be able to send a specific train from the layout to a specific table, stop for 25 seconds and comeback to the station (kitchen). The software engineer did create it by adding a RFID card reader to the train to make it stop at the right table. However, I am looking to see if it’s any other solution that are more sustainable and less risk of breaking down all the time. Can someone advise me please. And, if possible how much do you think it can cost to build a software to control the train this way?”

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Installing DCC

Ger has N scale and asks readers:

“I have a TOMIX ED 61 electric locomotive. I would like to install a DCC decoder. Any ideas of how to do this? Photos or how to instructions are very much welcome. Thank you.

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Consolidateing “Wall-Wart” Power Supplies

Ken writes:

“Greetings. I have somewhat of an elaborate HO layout (for a residential layout) with over 30 commercial businesses, half dozen residential houses, a campground and multiple streetlights. They are all powered by 2 adjustable 3 amp 3-24 Volt power supplies on 2 buses under my layout. Most of the lights are LED’s that draw around 20 milliamperes each, but some of the “grain of wheat” incandescent’s go up to 70 milliamperes. I figured I could safely wire up about 40 – 50 lights on each power supply, because I’m not even close to 50% capacity. But, one of my power supplies started humming yesterday and it felt much warmer than the other one. I don’t know if I got a bad unit or not, but I’d like to upgrade to a more heavy duty power source to give me more head-room and security knowing I’m under my load limits. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of power supply I should be looking for? I really like to be able to dial them back to around 9-10 volts in the evening so the lights are more pleasant around the track. Thanks in advance for your responses.”

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Wheel Slippage on Grades

Ken who models in HO scale writes:

“Greetings, I’m trying to come up with the ideal track cleaning process that would protect my track from oxidation without causing my locos to spin their wheels at my overpass grade. I’m limited to space and my double continuous running oval has a ‘non-prototypical’ grade of about 4.5% – 5% at the trestle (but the trains look very cool climbing the grade). I used No-Ox ID as was suggested by some experienced modelers but it was a disaster! My locos used to pull 17-18 cars with no issue, and after the No-Ox ID my loco couldn’t make it up by itself! It was heart-wrenching! Should I just continue to use mineral spirits and clean the track weekly, or is there something else that will work better? Thanks in advance for your response.”

Suggestions welcome below.

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Watch How To Make This Industrial Background Building For Your OO, HO, or N Scale Model Railroad

You can download the plans for this model railroad industry building here https://www.modelbuildings.org/background-buildings

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HO Kato 37-6110 GE P42 Amtrak V Genesis Problem

David is having problems with his Kato locomotive. He writes:

“The wheels are trying to run on my Kato 37-6110 GE P42 but it will not run. Had it about a year (it ran fine). Steadily it did not run as it did before. I understand the trucks have both motors in them. Not inside the engine. Does this cause problems while in use? My layout has a grade of 2″ drop and travels 8′. The train does pickup some speed going down the grade. Is this the cause of the problem. Can it be fixed? How can I do that? Thank You for your HELP.”

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Florida East Coast – Ortner Hopper Cars

Keith writes:

“I’ve been modeling on and off since my teens, with my dad.  I was brought up in South Florida and we had a layout above the garage that was pretty amazing for the small space we had.  Being brought up in Florida, I saw the Florida East Coast RR for all my life; going train watching with my dad and at crossings all the time.

This railroad has an amazing history and I’ve collected and built models from different periods.  I’m working on building Ortner cars from the 1980s and 90’s at the Cemex plant in Miami.  They had hopper cars with white lettering that I’d like to recreate. 

My question is, what color to paint them?  I think the color is a caboose red, but I am uncertain and would love some feedback and even checking the colors, some opinions. Thanks everyone.”

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Minimum HO Turn Radius

Frank writes:

“I’m a novice HO model railroader. I usually set up a simple oval under the Christmas tree annually. I’m bored with that. Furniture confines me to 5′ x 7′ area. I want to add a couple turnouts, a 2nd oval, and sidings for some wild west buildings. What is the minimum HO turn radius for 4-4-0 and a 4-6-0 1870-80’s steam locos and that era freight cars?”

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GP9 on 16 Inch Radius Curves

Lance asks:

“I know 16″ is tight but will a GP7 or GP9 handle it?”

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Insulfrog Vs Live Frog Peco Points

Ray models OO and asks:

“Would I use Insulfrog or live frog Peco points on a digital layout? Any pointers appreciated.”

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Demonstration – Making A Small Scale Model Railroad Shed From Cardboard

You can download this plan from https://www.modelbuildings.org

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