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Noch 60873 Modellwasser Artificial Water Problem

Rob writes:

“I’ve used the Noch Model Water product and after 3 days, it has dried cloudy as opposed to clear. I applied it in one pour, to a depth up to about 3mm and left it outside under an awning (with no direct sunlight, wind or rain). Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? Can anyone tell me how to fix it (other than to rip it out and try again)? Thanks in advance.”

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Kato Motor Removal

Wayne models N Scale and posts this question:

“How do you take the motor out of a Kato EMD E8/E9 without damaging the contact strips on the top?”

To help Wayne please post your thoughts below.

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Painting Boxcars

Philip asks:

“I was going to repaint several old boxcars by hand with a bush, but saw little cans of Tamiya model spray paints in an art store. Has anyone used them? Would this be easier and give a smoother finish than using a paint brush?”

To answer Philip’s question, or to view the answers, click on the COMMENTS link below.

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P2K Diesel E8 Derails

David asks:

“I can’t figure why my P2K E8 derails coming off my turnout. I checked it over and can’t find the cause?”

If you can help David, then please add your comment or suggestion under his post.

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WATCH This Free Demo Showing How To Make Background Industry Building For Your Model Train Layout

You can download the plans for these background industry buildings at


The web page also has a helpful chart showing the approximate sizes of these buildings in HO scale, OO scale, N scale as well as the life size equivalent.

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RESULTS OF MODEL TRAIN POLL – New Year Model Railroading Resolutions

Last week the question was asked:

Have you made any New Year model railroading resolutions, or have you set any goals for this coming year relating to your model trains or layout?

The following replies came in from readers:

YES – I decided to complete a project I started (28 Votes)

YES – I decided to increase my understanding of DCC (26 Votes)

YES – I decided to begin a new project (24 Votes)

YES – I decided to improve my knowledge of the hobby (22 Votes)

No – I haven’t made any specific resolutions relating to the hobby (22 Votes)

YES – I decided to purchase some new trains, accessories, or structures (21 Votes)

YES – I decided to resolve a problem that has been annoying me (15 Votes)

YES – I decided to clean my layout (15 Votes)

Yes – I decided to increase my understanding of Arduino or other technologies (14 Votes)

YES – I decided to expand my layout (8 Votes)

Unfortunately, I don’t have a layout yet (10 Votes)

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Gearing of Engines

Jim asks:

“What is Super Gearing, what does or what is it supposed to do, and how does it affect engine performance? Is this worth the time and effort to install? Just curious.”

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Regauge Loco Wheels

Allan asks:

“I need a few tips on regauging loco wheels – diesel and steam. I have 3 diesel locos and 1 steam.”

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Will Weathering Affect The Resale Price Of Trains?

Ian asks:

“I probably have another year or 2 before I seriously start thinning out my train collection. I have weathered 17 engines over time and wondered if has increased or decreased their resale value. I think I’ve done a good job but that might not be what buyers are looking for. Has anyone sold similar engines weathered versus box new condition?”

You can post a comment or suggestion below.

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How To Make Tunnels and Tunnel Portals For Your Model Train Layout

Plans for the tunnel portals mentioned in this video are available for download from


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Motor Brushes Replacement

Scotty writes:

“I have an older model HO Flying Scotsman. Whilst cleaning motor, one of the brushes broke.Β  Does someone know where I can get a replacement? Thanks.”

Post your suggestions below.

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Desoldering Track and Wires

Duncan asks readers:

“Does anyone know the best way to desolder track? I want to separate several lengths of tracks, but on the first one I tried the rail heated and it came loose from a tie. Please advise. Thanks”

You are welcome to contribute your thoughts by using the COMMENTS link below.

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Joining Timber Tables

Barry asks:

“Is there a best (right) way to join tables together?”

Add your comments to assist Barry below.

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PACK DEALS – Now Available Across The Range!

model buildings sale

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Watch How To Construct This Old Wild West Scale Model Telegraph and Stage Coach Office. SAVE UP TO 72% on PACK DEALS!

You can download plans to make 28 wild west and mining town scale models for HO, OO, or N scale model railroads. See the full range of old wild west models here (all 7 packs) https://www.modelbuildings.org/wildwest-mining

All plans can be purchased individually or you can save big dollars by buying the pack deals.

Here are the direct links:

Town Pack SAVE 72%


Mining Town Pack C SAVE 68%


More Mining Town Structures SAVE 71%


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Minimum Radius For 6-Axle Locomotives

Mitchell has HO trains and asks:

“What is the recommended minimum radius for a 6-axle locomotive?”

To assist Mitchell please add any comments and suggestions below his post.

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Merry Christmas To All Our Model Railroading Fans

Whether you are experiencing Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, or Summer in the Southern Hemisphere, We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and hopefully a wonderful time with family and friends. Also, a special thank you to all our customers and contributors for their continuing support, because we are just a small business and without it, this Blog could not continue.

You can download the latest updated Model Buildings Catalog with our compliments here https://www.modelbuildings.org/catalog

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Decoder Wiring Sound Car

Bryan has HO scale and asks:

“I have wired speaker and pickup wires to my Kato Metra car. The decoder turns on and off ok, but need to know how to wire the lights to my existing light control board. Would I need to purchase new LED’s and wire them up separately?”

You can join the conversation and post your comments below.

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