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Preferred Track for Beginners Layout

Andy sent in this question:

“I am planning an 1800×1200 (6×4) N scale layout of logging & mining operations. It has been almost 40 years since I last had anything to do with Model RRs. What is the preferred track type for use that is available in Australia? Thank you in anticipation.”

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Engine Maintenance

Frank asks:

“I have several HO engines that have been in storage for a number of years and now will not run. Are there any recommendations as to how to clean or lubricate them and is there information explaining cleaning and maintenance issues?”

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Insulated Turnouts

Mike sent in this question:

“What is the difference and advantages of insulated vs uninsulated turnouts for DCC?”

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Signal Pilot to Control Railroad Crossing Lights

Ed models HO scale and asks readers:

“Can anybody tell me where or how to get a manual for a signal pilot to control railroad crossing lights? The one I have is in German and I don’t read German. I need all the info that I can get.”

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Electrical Block Detection

Paul models HO and asks:

“I am still building my 5 module layout and plan to use electrical block detection in the future. I will run DCC NCE and operate a complete loop with an isolated section for each module as well as a siding. I want to include lights to indicate if the track is occupied or not. I would appreciate any thoughts on what I’ll need to make all this happen. Thank you in advance.”

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Loco Speeds For Consists

Jamie is into N scale and posted this question:

“Is there a decoder that can regulate the speed of a loco in a consist? I only have two engines… an Atlas and a Kato… but the speeds don’t match well. I don’t want to risk damaging them. Any suggestions?”

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Fascia Material

Anthony posted this question:

“The edge of my 4ftx8ft layout is untidy so I’ve decided to add a facia of some kind to smarten it up. What material would you recommend I use without breaking the bank?”

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Which Adhesive To Use?

Lester has this question:

“I decided to build a retaining wall on a longish section of my layout and want to use the right adhesive. I imagine it will need some clamping to the wood while it dries in place, but I am concerned that contact cement might grip too quickly and not allow enough time for me to adjust and check the positioning. By the way, I thought foamboard might be the best and cheapest material to use for making the wall. I would be interested to hear any ideas. Thanks.”

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Amtrak Genesis P42

Newbie to the hobby Peter has started with HO scale and asks:

“I just got an Amtrak Genesis P42 loco. I run it on address 03 all good. The loco address on the engine is 77. My question is, do I program it with address 2? Or, should I set it as 0077 using the? Kindly a newbie. Thanks.”

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Opening up a Pennsylvania Coach 6001

Jeff models G scale and has this question:

“Hi all – I need to change the lights in my old G Scale Pennsylvania Coach #6000. There are no screws anywhere. I think I need to pull the roof off but I can’t get it out of the body. Any help would be great. Thanks a bunch.”

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Digitrax DT602 Connection Problems

“I just connected a Digitrax DT602 (not duplex) with no batteries. As per manual on page 4 item 6: press power key and soft key A in order to toggle track power, LED indicator on command module, on and off. This doesn’t happen. Please provide any info if I am doing anything wrong. Thank you.”

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Digitrax Controller

Peter T models in HO and asks:

“I am presently using the Digitrax DCS52 controller and would like to add a Digitrax UT6 utility throttle via the loco net of the DCS52. The question is: does the address of the UT6 have to be changed so that it is different than the DCS52? And, how do you do that? Thanks for any assistance.”

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Roco Steam Engine with a 5 Pole Motor

Rudy asks:

“I’m planning to buy a newly released HO Roco Steam Engine with a 5 pole motor but no flywheel. Can I count on it running slow and smoothly, with realistic starts and stops with no jerking motion without a flywheel? All thoughts would be helpful.”

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Inner and Outer Helix Tracks

Graeme asks:

“I am looking at a double-track HELIX, is there a way to have some indication of the outer track and inner tracks? I am using the following Numbers for A=31.6, B=3.75, C=19.5, (was using D=6, but now D= 7, to accommodate, some special POINTs/Switches E=8. I am looking at having 3/8th threaded rod for supports. I am also looking at the 8 Sections, (1/2 inch thick) per ring to be of a special shape, having the JOINING portions at an ANGLE and to be grooved on these Ends and have an INSERT (3ply) for each join, to be screwed only.”

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Engine Stalls On Straights

Lester sent in this question:

“I bought a Bachmann engine that must be more than 30 years old and tried it out on my basic oval test track which has a straight piece on each side. It runs ok on the curves but is starts to stall on the straights. My voltmeter showed no power loss. I then cleaned the track, but it still runs ok on the curves and slows a stall on the straights. It baffles me. Any thoughts?”

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Rail Spacing and Distorted Track

Owen sent in this tip to share:

“This might help someone with the same problem I had. My Baldwin 4-6-0 loco was derailing after exiting a turnout onto my straight track section. No problem with my other 3 locos. I eventually checked the rail spacing widths and found the rails narrowed just enough causing the front wheels on my 4-6-0 to ride up and come off the track. It was hard to spot because by the time the loco stopped part of the 6 wheels would already be off the track. I think I might have accidentally narrowed and slightly bent the track when laying it. Apart from being careful handling track, this experience taught me to measure track and check rail spacing using a gauge, and to run the locos very slowly through troublesome areas to hopefully identify any problems. I hope my experience with this problem saves other people some time and frustration.”

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Athearn Iron Horse HO Starter Train Set

Wayne asks this question:

“I acquired an Athearn Iron Horse HO starter train set which I understand is DCC ready but I haven’t got a decoder yet. When I use the dial to start the loco there is some sound but it doesn’t move until the dial hits 25. Is this to be expected or is there a power distribution issue? I have no problems with it because it is taking off smoothly.”

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