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Digitrax Controller

Peter T models in HO and asks:

“I am presently using the Digitrax DCS52 controller and would like to add a Digitrax UT6 utility throttle via the loco net of the DCS52. The question is: does the address of the UT6 have to be changed so that it is different than the DCS52? And, how do you do that? Thanks for any assistance.”

2 Responses to Digitrax Controller

  • Hervey says:

    I have never tried to connect a UT6 throttle but I have connected other throttles to my DCS52 and have never had to change the address of the throttle. Just make sure that you are not trying to control the same loco with both components. Erratic operation will result until you have purged the loco from one of the throttles.

  • Morgan Bilbo says:

    I’m not sure of what you mean. The DCS can have one loco addressed on it while the UT6 can have another. If there’s no loco addressed to the DCS, it should be showing “00”, and the UT6 would show the loco number of what it controls. It’s that simple. I suspect that if both the DCS and the UT6 have the same number, there might be some difficulty in running the loco. I’ve never even tried that. All I’ve ever done is reset all controllers to “00” when not connected to a loco. And it’s assumed that when you put one loco on one controller, that’s the only controller with that number. A controller without a loco programmed is not powered, hence no problem. Doe this help?

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