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Japan’s Tech-Friendly Next Generation of Bullet Trains

Japanese bullet train

Central Japan Railway has revealed a prototype of the N700S, a “Supreme” bullet train that has been designed to be kinder to both the passengers and the environment. It’s claimed to 20 percent lighter, consumes at least 7 percent less energy and has a ‘boxier’ nose to cut back on the sonic boom-like effect when the bullet train rushes through tunnels at up to 300KPH (186MPH).


One Response to Japan’s Tech-Friendly Next Generation of Bullet Trains

  • J. Macsays:

    Who wants to risk their life at 186 MPH in “the land of earthquakes” and …..wow…..we got there 4.3 minutes earlier. The trains zoom up slow and only hold these high speeds for minutes before lowering the speeds to reach the next stop. But I don’t want to think at what even a tiny tremor earthquake would do to a bullet train at top speed. That’s why they made airplanes…..look ma no rails…!!! I love the slowness of 45 mph on Amtrak. You get to see people smiling on the street before and after a blink. You walk to the observation car and crossing cars is really not scary at all. At 100 mph the way the rails are from the 1950’s……that’s pushing it. I’ll be riding on the Southwest Chief across New Mexico in a month and it’s way better than flying on a bullet train. Amtrak has a 96% livability ratio in even the worst crashes. No seat belts either………not like in a plane. Just bring a blanket because it’s sub zero A/C and a few boxes of granola bars. 2.5 days on the Non-bullet train…… Ancient rails go-zai mass.

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