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Write A Caption For This Strange Photo

train crash photoThe Bay of Quinte Railway was a small regional rail line located in Hastings County, ON, Canada. This unusual photo shows a collision between two engines back in 1892.

How you you think it happened? Add your comments below.

Our readers like funny captions so, if you are feeling creative, you are welcome share one for everyone to enjoy.

64 Responses to Write A Caption For This Strange Photo

  • Robert Scorticosays:

    Train engines should not play chicken



  • Kimisays:

    Bless You… Have the sniffles long?

  • Robertsays:

    Position number 69 in the Karma Sutra?

  • W Rusty Lanesays:

    The first 0-4-0 switcher by accident!

  • Stephen VanBrocklinsays:

    Railroad engineers try to determine why tracks were laid upside-down.

  • Trevor Farleysays:

    I’m still not exactly sure what happened but having a look at the following link may be helpful.


    Regards, Trevor

    • Gerrysays:

      That was very enlightening, thank you for sharing…

    • Thomas Harrissays:

      Thank you, Trevor. Very interesting video.

  • Louissays:

    He was missing his sweatheart so much that he needed a hug.

  • Ian McIntoshsays:

    There’s just no stopping them when it’s mating season.

  • Bernard Singersays:

    I was sure I left the remote for station door right under here.

  • Louissays:

    He missed his sweat heart so very much that he needed a hug

  • Jerry Boyasays:

    One day while double heading, the rookie engineer…

  • Greggsays:

    The closer locomotive started up over the cowcatcher of the other locomotive. The first locomotive went over on its back, while the second started climbing the first one

    • Correct, I had the same idea, the cowcatchers on those engines were massive just like a launch ramp.

  • Geren W Mortensensays:

    How many times must I tell you, you cannot do a loop with a steam engine!

  • Phil Gliebesays:

    I told you we should never have switched to DCC! With DC and a Block Control System, this would never have happened!

  • Joesays:

    Wait till Dad sees this. It’s not my fault.

  • Tivis7says:

    They thought playing Chicken was all fun and games until…

  • Fredsays:

    N scale?

  • Carl Cantrellsays:

    Steam engine mating season.

  • J Rsays:

    “No means No”, she yelled !

  • louis hofstadsays:

    Looks like one train rear ended the other.

  • Jerry Lynchsays:

    The birth of the Piggy Back line

  • Stephansays:

    Doing the railroad tangle, eh.

  • David Stokessays:

    Thanks for the giggles guys. “I thought I was on that line up there on the top of the bank”

  • RockyJohnsays:

    It easy to see that it is “Matting Season for Iron Horses Arrives In Canada”.

  • Tomsays:

    So this is how little engines are made !!!

  • Tomsays:

    And I always thought they did it doggy style !!

  • Frank Borkesays:

    Going in, –I had a bad feeling about this election (2016)

  • Philsays:

    Bottoms Up!

  • John Revelsays:

    How many months did you say for a baby train?

  • Vytsays:

    “It said something about being from Cybertron & started transforming, but looks like it got steps 2, 3 & 4 mixed up”

  • Kevin Chingsays:

    Dave you must wait for the rear engine to brake first!.

  • Neil Glennsays:

    Strange mating habits of early American locomotives!X

  • johnsays:

    thank you for the tummy rub but you needed to get lower!!!

  • Juergensays:

    Funny picture and two people died in that accident. Head on collision with the passenger train hitting the gravel train.

  • Wayne Orrsays:

    Gee! the Safe working did not work

  • Keezlingsays:

    Where the term “reverse engineering” came from…

  • DaveBsays:

    Ouch – after that insertion, I’m feeling a little tender.

  • Fredsays:

    Early attempts of an MU or early n scale.

  • Don Jenningssays:

    OOOOOPPPPPSSS Now you did it.. We have to tell someone about this because You are in trouble now.

  • saulsays:

    women drivers Dont tell the mrs i said that

  • Jason VK4FJGSsays:

    Yeah, just stick it in the ute and I’ll fix it at home.
    No worries mate.

  • John Bennettsays:

    I told you the brakes were a bit keen

  • Joesays:

    There goes our on-time reputation!

  • Peter Fasakesays:

    one engine ran into the other.

  • Thomas Harrissays:

    I’ll second Phil. “Bottoms Up!!”

  • Rich Ssays:

    Driving that train high on cocaine, Casey Jones you better watch your speed.

  • Glenn Hillikersays:

    Perhaps it was mating season and they were making another train!!

  • Williamsays:


  • Bernardsays:

    Not now Josephine.

  • A J Smithsays:

    sorry Mum not angle parking

  • Gerard Bohlmannsays:

    Who forgot to install the anti-climbers?

  • Bazzasays:


  • Bazzasays:

    Fell head over heals in love with passing engine. Should never look back!

  • John Schaeffersays:

    Man those brakes are good !


    Two engines in heat

  • Lindsay Neilsays:

    Caption for the Photo:

    The man on the left is saying, “I think we should review the procedure for double heading..”

  • Johnny L Clarksays:

    Care to dance, Milady?

  • Tony Ferrarasays:


  • Mike Whitesays:

    Must be Ohio Drivers. Ohio once had only two automobiles in the state and they had a reck.

  • Jim LeBeausays:

    As a young adult Donald Trump’s father gave him a railroad to run.

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