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Scaling Objects To HO

David posted this question:

“Does some know the formula for figuring out the HO size of normal wooden dowels? Example how big is a ½ dowel in HO?”

6 Responses to Scaling Objects To HO

  • Robertsays:

    1/87 of your measurement as HO is 1:87

  • david Samuelssays:

    Ho Scale is about works out to 1/8th inch equals one scale foot. So it would be about 4 scale feet.

    • David Youngsays:

      I’m building a horse corral from a photo. It is made from logs and is 5 ½ to 6 ft tall. The logs criss cross on each corner and I’m trying to determine what size of bowls to use for the logs.
      Thank you

  • Arthur Mallettsays:

    Hi if you go on the woodland scenic website under the apps tab you can download an app called model scaler, with his app you choose which scale and then put in our measurements and it wil convert to the required scale.

  • Sheldon Clarksays:

    72″ / 87 = 0.8″ (as near as makes no difference), or about 21 m/m. Add something for bedding into the “ground”. A 4″ thick post could be represented by something just over 1 m/m thick.

  • Edsays:

    Hi David — HO scale is 87.1 times smaller than the real world, so a piece of 1/2″ diameter dowel standing on your layout would be 0.5 x 87.1 = 43.55 inches in diameter in the real world.

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