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Lionel 0-4-0 Switcher Repairs?

Rusty asks:

“Does anyone know where I might get my two Lionel engines repaired? I have 2 that won´t run. One is an 0-4-0 Switcher (die cast) and the other one is a 2-4-2 (plastic) Columbia. I have taken both apart and touched both sides of the armature cover and it tries to move. Both armatures spin when I roll the engine, so they´re not frozen up. HELP!”

13 Responses to Lionel 0-4-0 Switcher Repairs?

  • phil r johnsonsays:

    is your power supply working? is power getting to the motor. ohm meter for the latter

  • Frank Bsays:

    I would suggest asking for help at your local model railroad club, or ask about local model repairers at any model shop that sells trains. Otherwise, any electrician or electronic technician would probably be able to quickly find and fix the problem.

    • W Rusty Lanesays:

      Yes, the Power Supply is working – tested with VOM (Volt Ohm Meter) and is putting out 18 volts AC.

  • Edward Dawsays:

    Just a wild guess but, I had trouble with a Lionel diesel a couple of years ago and all it needed was some lubrication oil.

  • bert linkonissays:

    Might want to check with EAST CAROLINA CHOO CHOO REPAIR. Dick Mushet does outstanding repair work on Lionel products.

  • Anthony Germagliottisays:

    It sounds like the e unit If you can not fix them i can i am a lionel guy

  • Anthony Germagliottisays:

    Hi Rusty,
    Iam a lionel guy I have been repairing lionel for over 20 years it sounds like the e unit drum or
    fingers are dirty ,i can fix them for you or it sounds like you are on the right track I can talk you through it on the phone or if you like send them to me an I will fix them for you just pay the postage both ways an any parts that are neede I help people for the hobby not the money so if you want email me back and will hook up and get your engines back on track

    • W Rusty Lanesays:

      It will be some time in the future before I can send you my 2 Lionel steam engines. I am a disabled Vietnam vet and on a fixed income. I cleaned an 18 inch piece of track with some fine grit sandpaper and rechecked the engines after cleaning all the wheels. I think you are right that they probably need the e unit. I got the diecast 0-4-0 to run but it only runs backwards. I flipped the lever in the other direction and the engine sits and buzzes. I retested the 2-4-2 and it is still dead. I don´t know how to get your e-mail address since I´m quite new to this site. I can work on just about any HO scale loco and fix ´em since I have an HO layout. I´m trying to build a Lionel 027 layout but only have a few engines so far. Thanks for your offer and maybe I can get those to you in the near future. Have to wait until Christmas so I´ll some $$ to spend.

  • chris lesebergsays:

    Contact Bob at Dynamic Hobbies in Hemet, California Phone # 951-925-9331 Monday=Saturdays 9am to 4pm. Has several individuals who do repairs but you have to make the arrangements. Both shipping and repair, etc. He’ll just give you the info on who to contact and how.
    They do very good work and are reliable
    good luck and let us know how it come out

  • W Rusty Lanesays:

    Thanks, guys for all the replies. I certainly appreciate all of your information. I will try it one more time before I make the decision to send them off for repair. I know my transformer is working, ´cause I ran several engines on a test piece of track. I may have to send them to Anthony Germagliotti and I will gladly pay the shipping costs both ways. Thanks again and happy railroading.

  • Anthony Germagliottisays:

    Hi Rusty,
    I can talk you through it sounds like your not afraid to take it apart so your half way there and I would be happy to help a vet if your a tca or lcca member look me up.

  • Anthony Germagliottisays:

    HI Rusty,
    What is the numbers on the cab of your engines.

  • Anthony Germagliottisays:

    Hi Rusty,
    Just checking back to see how are you doing with your engines

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