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Can You Ballast Bachmann EZ Track?

Another Online Train Club Member Steve posted this question:

“I’ve finally got most of my track down. I used Bachmann EZ Track. Now that it’s down I wouldn’t mind having a go at ballasting. A friend warned me against it and suggested maybe just painting it to add realism. Has anyone ballasted EZ track with any success or is it a crazy idea?

4 Responses to Can You Ballast Bachmann EZ Track?

  • Brad Beaupainsays:

    Yes you can, in fact, Woodland Scenics has had ads in a magazine featuring pictures of EZ Track with ballast spread over part of the track and exposing the other part to show that it is EZ-Track.

  • Ralph DeMentsays:

    If you google “woodland scenics ballasting ez track” you’ll get serveral recommended products and three videos covering the subject

  • john gouldsays:

    I have ballasted EZ track, I normally use flex track but had a small section EZ track. Painted the sleepers and rails to get rid of the non scale appearance ,quick and easy. With a small artists brush and eye dropper dropped some dilute white adhesive between the sleepers trying not to get glue onto the face of the sleepers, best do it a section at a time about 3ft and sprinkled the required ballast between the tracks ,when dry removed the excess ballast for later use. I did the same method for the sides of the track. Any bare patches can be patched later . I found the difference between my flex track and the EZ track was not noticeable .When scenery is brought up to your track you can adjust things so the track shoulders do not seem so high. Regards John

  • Kevin Chingsays:

    Hi Steve, Mike Fifer has done a video on Ballasting Kato track which is similar to ez track but N scale the same Technic is used.

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