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Using a Diluted Cement Mix as a Paint Wash – Will it Work?

Russell asks readers this:

“I have made some PVC pipe silos which are ready for painting and detailing. I will spray a gray color for the cement silos and paint on a metallic color for the rails, silo doors, elevator etc. After that I will try some washes with dry brushing effects and see how that looks.

I thought of using a heavily diluted cement liquid as a wash to make it more real and look weathered. Will this work? I know cement doesn’t affect plastic on a bucket so it shouldn’t affect the plastic parts – well thats what I assume?

I guess the alternative would be to just mix various shades of paint wash using a light gray, with a touch of light tan, and dab of black paint to darken it in places? Has anyone tried these various options?”

5 Responses to Using a Diluted Cement Mix as a Paint Wash – Will it Work?

  • Kevin Chingsays:

    Hi Russell
    Woodland Scenic have a cement coloured paint that does look realistic, I have used this myself to good effect

  • Davidsays:

    It may be the right color, but the texture will probably be too rough for HO scale cement.

  • Jim Johnstonsays:

    I’d stay with an acrylic paint medium rather than risk some untried method.

  • Timothy Barrsays:

    Rough up the surface with 40 to 60 grit paper It will stick

  • phil johnsonsays:

    I would suggest acrylic concrete paint or flat gull grey paint. then use thin washes burnt and raw umber for weathering.

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