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Ideas for Making Water Tower Ladder

David puts this question:

“I made a water tower on my HO set . I want to make a ladder for the tower. Does anyone have any suggestions please?”

5 Responses to Ideas for Making Water Tower Ladder


    How about strps of styrene painted black?

  • Delrusays:

    Couple of options. Take a piece of N/Z Scale track, use wire cutters to cut out some “rungs” as needed (keeping the side rails), spray it matte silver. Go to Michaels Craft and buy the very thin balsa wood sticks and build your own. Also, look at N/Z Scale fences. Turned on their end, they could make a nice ladder, spray painted silver. Think outside the proverbial box!

  • Stephansays:

    There are several ways to go about building the ladders. First you will need to see what the real world used for the ladders, that is the design. You can use wood, cardboard, plastic tubes,or steel rods. Create the ladder using a diagram or a jig. Once done, paint as desired for the look.

    Remember to keep it to scale, but it is not critical to be exact. You are trying to simulate an effect that will give the suggestion of the ladders.

    Hope this provides some food for thought.


  • Timothy Morloksays:

    Years ago I found some large “zip” wire-ties that had evenly space square holes instead of ridges. They can be cut to any length and make good HO scale ladders. Another option is to use flat tooth picks (if you can find them) to build ladders that look handmade. Good luck with your project.

  • Kevin Chingsays:

    If you know anyone with a laser cutter you could get them to cut some out of card stock but also do some extra lengths to fit on the outer runners to increase the size of the main runners but not the rungs other than that you may be able to buy something in the model stores. I find ladders are extremely hard to get right making them out of wood or other material even strips of styrene

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