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Fitting HP0587 Undercarriage to Engine Chassis

Model-Train-ho-scale-diy-Universal-Train-Undercarriage-accessories-HP0587 Ranjay models HO scale and asks:

“Hi, I purchased HP0587 from aliexpress. Now, clueless how to fix it to engine chassis as the undercarriage does not have any screw/nut or slot to do this. Plese help me on this if someone has got any ideas/experience”

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3 Responses to Fitting HP0587 Undercarriage to Engine Chassis

  • Sundaramsays:

    If there are no screws or central hole for fixing then the undercarriage would normally have a moulded catch that would click on to the loco chassis. Please check.

  • Bernard Hallassays:

    That piece looks like it is a bogie
    How did the old one fit?
    If it is a bogie, then it would need a pivot to allow it to swing independently of the “frame” carrying the motor.
    As Sundaram says, there would normally be a moulded “catch” to clip it to the pivot piece of the chassis
    Your picture shows there are two moulded-in holes on the tower at the inner end of the universal joint above the final drive down to the wheels.
    Perhaps there is a pivoting “saddle” with clips that engage with those holes still in the chassis/body

  • Sher Dilsays:

    Even I am stuck with the same problem.
    Additionally, I would like to request you to kindly educate me on the type (voltage, size & RPM) of the motor to be fixed and the size, diameter & teeth of the gear fixed on the motor.
    Thanks in advance.
    Sher Dil

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