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Problem with Cars Derailing On Turnouts

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“My cars sometimes derail on my ez Bachmann track turnout. The problem doesn’t happen every time. Often the engine loco follows the set switch direction but a car behind travels up the switch curve. What’s causing this please?”

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6 Responses to Problem with Cars Derailing On Turnouts

  • Matt stonelsays:

    Maybe try adding some metal to weigh down the wagons to try to minimise the bogies jumping off the track.

  • William C. Andersonsays:

    Having experienced similar problems with both EZ and Power Lock turnouts, my first suggestion is to check the wheels for compliance, then the trucks to assure that they run true, then that they can swivel freely on the car bolsters. These are the most common causes of wheels picking turnout points and frogs. I have had occasional problems with blunt points, points not laying evenly with the stock rail and the rivet hinge being out of alignment for both these brands when they were new. MRH on line has published some good info. on wheel & truck tunning. A little tweeking can make these problem turnouts good performers.

  • Tim Morloksays:

    If any turnout is not level,ie.. the frog is higher or lower than the rest of the turnout, the weight of the engine exiting the heel of the points will cause them rise up or gap where they meet the stock rail and cause the following car to derail.

  • Dansays:

    Also check your coupler length. I caused myself similar problems when I swapped out some horn-and-hook couplers to Kadee’s.

  • Ricksays:

    Your trucks could also be dirty. The buildup on the trucks cause them to ride higher on the rails and
    Turnouts. I found cleaning the trucks solved my problem.

  • Don Cheekssays:

    I have had this problem a few times. All these suggestions are good. In addition I have added weight to the front of the cars which seems to make them track better. I also run my trains at slower speeds over turnouts where certain cars most often have a problem.

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