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How to Stop Decals Peeling Off

Online Model Train Club Member Allan posted this question:

“I have an old reefer that looks very authentic even with the decals flaking off. Trouble is when I touch the decals bits flake off so I fear being so brittle they will disappear completely. I applied several coats of Dulcote but the problem persists. I did a google search and couldn’t find replacement decals that I liked. Has anyone else had this problem and how did they solve it? I am not against fading or peeling decals and signages because it adds to the authenticity, but I am going to lose these decals forever if I don’t do something to keep them in place. Any ideas?”

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5 Responses to How to Stop Decals Peeling Off

  • phil johnsonsays:

    There’s not much you can do to save them or what’s left of them. if you can find another set then scrape off the old, respray with Glosscoat and redecal

  • J E Wilsonsays:

    Vallejo Decal Systems, have a product called ‘Decal Fix’ that is supposed to soften and fix decals on non even surfaces and increase adhesion. It is sold by ‘Micro-Mark’ and other retailers. I have never used this product, but after reading your question, it intrigued me to look up some possible solutions. Keep Rollin on the Rails.

  • Theodore Belotesays:

    Use an edge sealer or clear fingernail polish

  • Phil Lawsonsays:

    Go to a Games Workshop/Warhammer store. They have Hardcoat for shiny finishes and Lamian medium for matt surfaces. Theyre always full of helpful staff who know how to paint and fix transfers too.

  • Frank D Peacheysays:

    Like Phil Johnson said, use GlassFish or any clear finish. I use Matt or eggshell to take the gloss off

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