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Access To Train Wheels

Roco Traction TiresRobin sent in this question for readers:

“My Roco diesel engine (HO scale) requires traction tires part 40069 which I see I can get on eBay. Problem is; I can’t figure how to fit the tires. I can’t see any screws to undo thereby exposing the wheels? I know some other engines have tiny screws to undo to access the wheels. Any suggestions?”

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10 Responses to Access To Train Wheels

  • phil johnsonsays:

    A long time ago, I use to use a small flat bladed screw driver between the traction tire and driver to stretch the tire slightly. There’s also a tool for some of those tires, also

  • Chucksays:

    Many Loco’s have a system where you slide the 2 sides out.
    If you need to actually remove the wheel sets, you can unsnap 2 snaps on each side, then remove the gear cover. Each wheel gear and wheel pair can be lifted out.

    This type is typical with Walther Mainline type Loco’s. There are several other setups.

  • Stephen F. Duncansays:

    It might work where there is a plate across the bottom holding the axels in place.

  • Donsays:

    Try bullfrog snot a liquid tire that doesn’t make you take anything apart to apply.

    • chris jordansays:

      Whomever put this up on the net Please give it a try Also you may bhave to add some weight to your locos SOUNDS DAFT AND WRONG BUT CHECK IT OUT WITH ALL THE MAJOR CLUBS IN YOUR AREA CHEERS AND good luck oh! year check your gradients and sharp curves are not in the same place and check your back to back measurements

  • Bertsays:

    Roco engines usually come with a leaflet explaining how to service your engine including how to change the traction tyres. If you haven’t got this leaflet you can find it most probably on the Roco website. For most of my Roco engines I have to unscrew a few tiny screws underneath the wheel set but sometimes there aren’t any screws and you have to unsnap this. The documentation will show you what you need to do.

  • don jenningssays:

    Ron with the poor eye sight
    Get someone to help you

  • geoffsays:

    As Bert says, if you go the Roco website, you can find the instructions for your particular locomotive, and that will tell you how to change the tires. And depending on where you live – ie postage costs – you might find buying direct from Roco is cheaper. The 40069 traction tires are listed at 6.40 euros, which google tells me is $7.04 US today. And they would be the correct part. I looked on eBay, and the picture of some traction tires advertised as 40069 showed part number 40072.

  • Franksays:

    Just cut the tyres off the wheels. Then use frogsnot. It isn’t easy to use, however with a little practice you get it right. Then you will be able to renew tyres anytime you need new ones.

  • Frank Bsays:

    Traction tyres – may be the same size as girl’s hair thingys – tiny rubber bands for a few cents for a hundred.

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