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Engine Only Goes in Reverse?

Bill models Lionel O scale 1.48 and asks:

“My engine only goes in reverse. When I put another engine on tract it can go both forward and reverse. Why is this one engine only going in reverse? Looking for remedies. Thanks.”

Add your comments to help Bill below.

5 Responses to Engine Only Goes in Reverse?

  • Tom Osterdocksays:

    check your wiring from transformer to track. If you have another engine on the track by itself with no other engines on track do they go in both directions or do they need an additional engine also?

    • Bill bodesays:

      Wires are ok. I put another engine on the same track and it works fine in both directions. This engine that only goes in reverse was ok over Christmas last yr. getting ready for Christmas again this yr and only goes in reverse. I can’t figure out wire. I’ve turned engine around on track and still only goes in reverse. I have a problem.

  • Dale Arendssays:

    As Tom mentioned, if another engine operates in both directions when it is alone on the track, then the problem is likely not wiring to the track. You might set the malfunctioning loco on the track, set the direction to forward and crank the speed control up. Listen carefully to see if the motor even tries to run. If not, you likely have a loose wire in the locomotive. If yes, look carefully at the drive mechanism as you may have a gear loose or jammed in such a way as to prevent it from turning in one direction or from engaging the axle cogs.

  • nelson t stahlsays:

    If this is an old Lionel they have a relay in the engine that reverses the motor, it is stuck.

  • W Rusty Lanesays:

    I have the same problem with an 0-4-0 diecast Lionel 027 engine. It only runs in the reverse direction that is, backwards. After talking with a Lionel specialist, he informed me that the E-unit on the loco is probably bad. So, rather than trying to replace an E-unit I’ve decided to put it on a siding and not bother with it. It’s just not worth my time nor $$ to try and get it fixed. E-units usually control the direction of the engine. Unless I can figure it out and get the E-unit replaced the engine is delegated to a siding. Also I have another one that will not go in either direction and the specialist said the E-unit that’s in that engine is also bad. Such is life with those old Lionel engines.

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