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Connecting a Prodigy Express and Booster

Tony who models in HO asks:

“I have a prodigy express and a booster. How do I connect them? I don’t understand the instructions on the back of the booster which says run a cable from the ‘Factory use only’ port on the prodigy (I don’t have a factory only port). When I connect the prodigy to the booster with the telephone type cable the power light and pilot dim and blink and there is no power coming from the track connector on the booster. I also have an ac/dc adapter with a telephone jack on the end which I assume should be plugged into the booster. Any help would be greatly appreciated”

One Response to Connecting a Prodigy Express and Booster

  • Geoffsays:

    I’m not familiar with the prodigy system, but I did look at the support section of the MRC website. The instructions for their boosters – they have a 3.5 amp one and an 8 amp one, – all say that the factory only port is for the prodigy advance system, and if using the express, plug into the “booster bus” port. There are also diagrams of how you should be connecting to the tracks. If all you have are instructions on the back of the booster, I think you need to go the website and get the complete instructions for the pieces you have, otherwise there’s a risk you could burn something out.

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