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Vaping Liquid as Engine Smoke?

Tom asks:

“My question is, can vaping liquid be used in smoking engines without doing any damage?”

7 Responses to Vaping Liquid as Engine Smoke?

  • Robert mooresays:

    WOW ! What a great thought.
    Problem is it might cost too much,
    O use polipropilne –? something (cant remember)
    It’s from the the pharmacist & is used tobe the liquid base in making (compressing ) pills.
    This is good & cheep.
    Robt. M.

  • Eddie Wrightsays:

    You can use the base liquid with out the nicotine and flavour there are two to choose from or a mixture of both vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol the first makes a little bit more smoke and is really thick I use 50 50 mix you could use smoke machine juice it is propylene glycol but it’s not as pure As the vape juice as they are medicall grade I’m in the uk and get mine from a company called darkstar cheapest and best quality I can get

  • Jim Cottrellsays:

    Yes, by all means, use the vaping liquid. You can even get some pretty neat smells coming out of your stack. It is cheaper than the scented smoke oil put out by MTH. You can use either with or without nicotine if you have some of that laying around. Using the vape oil is cheaper without the nicotine as well.

  • Jaysays:

    Why would you want too? I’ll guarantee that there’s more particles in the vaping solutions, than there is in the normal smoke oils made for model trains. You will probably end up leaving extra residue inside of your locomotives that may eventually cause damage, in my opinion, it’s not worth it.

  • Robert mooresays:

    EDDIE is right. That is the correct name.

  • Timothy Morloksays:

    Sounds like a better use for it than using it on your self!

  • Jim Johnstonsays:

    baby oil works fine for me and it has a nice satisfying aroma.

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