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3 Switches Without Track?

Gary who models O scale asks:

“I have a situation where I need to put three switches in a row, with no track sections in between. Will this arrangement give me a problem? Due to the design of the layout, I need this setup. Appreciate any suggestions or comments.”

5 Responses to 3 Switches Without Track?

  • Sheldon Clarksays:

    If you’re using analogue and they all face in the same direction, or 2 of them do and the third is toe-to-toe with the middle one, you can feed them all from the toe end, provided the other ends of the points (the heels) do not meet up with each other. If they do meet up (e.g. via a wye, return loop or a simple circuit) then you will have to provide a diagram for people to study.

    • Gary Grubbsays:

      The three switches would be a right hand, a left hand and a left hand. All would be heel to heel. I could if necessary, add a 2” track piece after the third switch. Hope this clarify my question a little more.


      • Sheldon Clarksays:

        I cannot see how you can have 3 turnouts heel to heel; did you mean heel to toe (i.e. all facing in the same direction and accessed from the same end, like a tree?) If you do have any that are heel to heel then you have formed a crossover and will need to feed each separately from its toe end and insulate both rails where the heels meet.

  • Dale Arendssays:

    Physically, you might have clearance problems on the diverging tracks of the left hand turnouts depending on the rate of divergence. Test fit them and check with your longest loco or rolling stock.

    • Gary Grubbsays:

      Maybe, so haven’t been clear about my problem. I’m only concerned about track power though the switches. As far as physical layout, that’s boa problem.


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