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Wire and Layout Software

Ed who models in HO asks:

“I have lots of wire from my old well pump (over 80 feet). Can I use it for my main wiring on my layout? I am also looking for software for Marklin K track. Any ideas?”

6 Responses to Wire and Layout Software

  • Ernst A Vahlbruchsays:

    Hi there. You should probably approach this in logical steps. 1. Is the wire and insulation in good shape? Will it remain in reliable shape for the next 20 plus years? 2. What are the electrical characteristics of your wire? What current can it carry? 3. If the specs match your needs, based on your layout size and likely electrical capacity requirements, great. If not, you might consider doubling up each of the main bus lines to increase their capacity. Best of luck.

  • Louis van Zylsays:

    Hi. I have a Marklin M Track layout 4 x 4 meters. To design the layout I used software called SCARM. You can design in M, K or C tracks, It even has the conversion sections to go from K to M, K to C.
    It also has other features like adding signals. trees, roads, buildings etc. You can also then 3D render the layout to get an idea on how it will look like. I included a picture of my layout.

  • David Stokessays:

    Is your wire copper? What voltage did it carry when running your pump? If the answers are yes and mains voltage down to 12 volts, absolutely, use it. It would be ideal for bus lines, which if kept apart for + and – insulation becomes immaterial.

  • Mikesays:

    You can use AnyRail 6 software for layout design. This software contains almost all types of track manufactured, including Marklin K track.

    • Terry Bellsays:

      double check when using AnyRail. I like it but it may not be accurate in all circumstances
      I used this for my layout. It showed 18 turnouts for a full circle. This is 20 degrees per turnout. It should be 15 degrees.

  • Morgan Bilbosays:

    My quick thoughts: AnyRail6 is good. Lower learning curve than others. But yes, when actually laying track, there are some minor differences. Just be careful. Wire: Make sure you know the gauge and like others have said. Check for copper, how clean and good the wire and insulation looks. Test it for voltage and amps. Most any wire in good shape can be used.

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