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Beginner Needs Help With HO Tyco 897 Train Set Transformer

Brian needs advice on his Tyco train set:

“I have just inherited a small HO Train set from a family friend. Just wondering where to go to get info on hooking up transformer and testing engines to see if they work?”

5 Responses to Beginner Needs Help With HO Tyco 897 Train Set Transformer

  • Geoffsays:

    I would have thought an internet search would find something, I found a “TYCO TRAINS -TRACK ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION SHEET” at https://www.thelioneltrainstorenj.com/tyco-trains-track-assembly-instruction-sheet-good-h22/. You have to buy it ($3.46).
    Failing that, there should be a terminal / rerailer piece of track that you connect to the transformer. Make sure you connect to the DC output on the transformer, not the AC or the accessories output.
    There may be a Model Railroad store in your area that could help, alternatively if you are prepared to wait until a Model Train Show arrives in town, or close by, there will probably be someone there who could help.

  • David Stokessays:

    The transformer/controller should plug into a wall socket. Set up the oval of track, rub it with a Bright Boy track rubber or similar light abrasive to clean the corrosion and gung off. Using a cotton bud dipped in alcohol clean the wheels of your locos. In cases of really old locos I’ve used the aerosol electronic cleaner, a favourite of computer and hifi geeks on the motor itself..Make sure that there is no hair, lint or carpet fibre wound around the axles. Put the loco on the track and turn up the knob/slider. After a good clean it should go.

    There is no need to go to an expert serviceman, unless ofcourse you are loaded with cash.

    • Stevesays:

      I agree with what David says , but use caution with any aerosol cleaner that your not spraying on the engine shell , it can damage the finish of the engine . what he describes is what a train repair person would do .

  • Stevesays:

    if in doubt about which terminals are for track voltabe get an inexpensive volt meter . then you can see which set of terminals is variable and which are constant voltage .

  • Frank Bsays:

    As a first step, I advise getting a basic book on model railroading, which will answer most of the questions you are going to ask.
    Also a basic online course in electricity / electronics will help a lot, there are many available free.

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