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Scale of Train

Larry asks:

“I have just acquired a track with 3 rails on it. I know this is a dumb question but can someone tell me what scale this train track is? I am very new at this and have only had N  scale up till now. Thanks for your time and help.”

4 Responses to Scale of Train

  • geoffsays:

    Measure the distance between the two outside rails.

    16.5 mm = HO/OO gauge
    31.75 mm / 1.25 inches = O gauge

    But since it’s 3 rail, once you know the gauge you can’t run just any manufacturers models on it. If it’s O gauge, it’s probably Lionel. If it’s OO/HO, it’s probably really old! Usually you can find the manufacturer’s name on the underside.

  • Dale Arendssays:

    Nope, not without seeing it. I recommend you measure the distance between the rails and refer to the NMRA chart on page

  • Col Rannardsays:

    If it’s HO and metal it’s probably Marklin (pre-60’s)?

    • David Watsonsays:

      or trix

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