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Best Road Switcher Engines?

Malcolm would like recommendations:

“In your opinion what are the best types of road switchers?”

Add your thoughts below.

6 Responses to Best Road Switcher Engines?

  • phil johnsonsays:

    I like to use my GP9, 20, and 30 for local road work. Occasionally I use SD7’s, 24, and 40/40-2 on grain locals. Most prototype roads used what ever was available. Once saw a UP SD60M pulling 2 grain hoppers. Not really a best type, However, from mid to late 70’s EMD’s tended to rule

  • tom croftonsays:

    my era starts with RS series
    the early ones are very rounded
    I’m making a cow calf version of the sw1200 to model the TR-2

  • Morgan Bilbosays:

    The best switchers are the ones you like. LOL Seriously, when you were a kid, did you go watch trains, preferably at a yard? I did. In the early 50’s, while steam was still around. I watched the PRR and it’s H10s/Consolidations. They were used as switchers. Wow! I was a teenager at that time and that whole scenario is burned in my brain. So, since I assume you are younger, it’s diesels. If you are old enough, the EMD GPs or ALCo’s RS. Mostly 4 wheels. The 6 wheels are much newer as is these monsters we see today. So, give it some thought as to what you remember from when you first “got hit by the MR bug!”

  • Joe Tillmansays:

    Depends on the era you model. From 1950-2000, some type of GP7 or GP9 including the low nose rebuild versions of them like the GP9r, GP10, and GP16 are a great bet. If you like Alco, an RS-2 or RS-3 is hard to beat. GE had their U23B which was good but I like their 70 tonner which is a switch engine on my small layout. From 2000 to today, GP38-2 and GP40s sort of reign with six axle locomotives like the C44-9, SD70, and SD40-2 being used in local service at some point. Sorry, I don’t consider an SD40, SD70 or C44-9 to be road switchers.

    As a model railroader, find a good running engine that has 8 wheel pick-up from Athearn, Atlas, or Walthers, etc. and you are set. Actually, the modern Bachmann locomotives like their GP38-2 and GP40 are very good running machines. Just make sure that you are getting one of Bachmann’s 8 wheel drive locos as their older stuff with the pancake motor was low quality.

  • ron scannellsays:

    I have a number of DCC engines, but my favoites are 3 GP7s and my RS3.

  • Tom Osterdocksays:

    I like my Walking Beam Locomotive. It burns propane and operates on 120 psi steam. Works great and fun to operate.

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