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Model Power EMD – E7 Engine Schematics

Jim models in HO and posted this:

I have an old ( however, never really used – sat on a shelf for 32 years ) Model Power EMD – E7 engine.  where can one find schematics or parts teardown for one of these babies? I would like to get this one running again.  It has a power connection problem.”

2 Responses to Model Power EMD – E7 Engine Schematics

  • phil johnsonsays:

    Wow.! I had one of them. If memory serves they were pretty straight forward. Should be a screw just behind the cab to gain access and then gently pry the tab at the back of the shell. There’s a large tab on the top of the truck above the worm gear and another just behind the bolster. These haven’t been around since mid 70’s.

  • Jim Myrhumsays:

    That is when I bought mine. I have never seen that engine go around a layout yet, only because 3 months after I started layout, had to move to another house. Now after 33 years of sitting on shelf, I decided to get started again.. Set up a test track and boy, is that puppy sluggish. and erratic. I do know how to tear down, but need to see how electric is transmitted from rail to motor.

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