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Is It Okay To Use Pecos Code 075?

Nigel writes I am into DCC and my question is:

“Can anyone help me out? I do have all ‘Peco code 100 tracks {curves, straight & point} and I also have code 075-Double/Single Slip Crossings; And I want to know, with some of my old polling stock, will this be all right with Pecos code 075? Or will the deep wheel flange on the old stock cause derailments? They also do Electrofrog long crossings And Insulfrog crossing in code 075. I have one Insulfrog Crossing in code 100”

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4 Responses to Is It Okay To Use Pecos Code 075?

  • phil johnsonsays:

    If you have equipment with deep flanges, they will not work on code 70/75. I have a old Fleischmann 2-10-0 given to me by a close friend. It will run on code 100 but very erratic on code 83 with hand laid rail. Laughs at me when I placed it on both commercial and hand laid track

  • Geoffsays:

    As Phil says, you will likely have problems. Maybe not derailments, but locomotives won’t make contact with the rail, so no power, and the wheels may get stuck on the crossings. But since you have some code 075 crossings the best way is to lay a small piece of test track and try it out. One other difficulty may be with the join between the two types of rail, since they are different sizes. And maybe the sleepers / ties are different heights.

  • Chris Hughessays:

    Peco make special rail joiners for mating code 100 with code 75 however I would not recommend using code 75 track with older deep flanged stock as it will ride the chairs and give erratic running. Also the flanges on older stock are too wide to go through points and turnout check rails so you need to stick with code 100 if you intend running old ( say pre 1980) stock

    • Nigel d Woodgatesays:

      I have bought four Peco code 075 double/single slip crossings-{Electrofrog} seen youtube and thy say as long you have a code 075/100 section, this will be OK.. for either both old and new rolling stock-i.e-locomotives! So will this be OK..
      I do have a Pecos code 100 long crossing-{Insulfrog} crossing

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