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Turntable Power Source

Ed writes:

“What Power source can be use to power an H.O. scale turntable? 130 degree.”

3 Responses to Turntable Power Source

  • Franksays:

    Presuming there’s no circuit board in it, just a motor:

    If it’s a specific manufacturer, then it’s best to get on their site and ask. If not, then the label on the motor may give you a voltage and amperage. Or it might give you reference/model numbers you can search for online.

    If there’s nothing to go by, it’s likely a 12-15 volt stepper motor unit. Any 12V DC output plug-in adapter (wall-wart) with 1 to 3 amps capacity will probably run it. But no guarantees in this case – it could burn out, if it isn’t already .

    Since it’s likely a stepper motor unit, there needs to be a controller. The minimum direct connection to the motor is to use a double pole, double throw (center off) switch. Press it one way and the 12V positive DC wire connects to one of the two motor leads, the negative to the other. Press it the other way, and the the + & – are wired to be reversed. That way you can move the turntable both ways. The motor should move slowly in short small detents to line up the tracks.

    Good luck.

  • Frank Bsays:

    Definitely check the maker’s website for the necessary details regarding voltage and control circuit.

    If you can post more details and a picture of the unit, we can possibly offer more advice.

  • Henry W. Robbinssays:

    I use a old DC power supply with forward and reverse control. Works good for me.

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