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Wiring Tiny LED Lights

Howie models HO and writes:

“Hi. I just got back into the hobby. The LED street lights have the thinnest wire I have ever seen. How do I fasten them to longer wire to get power to them? So tiny!  Help!”

Add your thoughts to assist Howie.

3 Responses to Wiring Tiny LED Lights

  • Dale Arendssays:

    Simply solder them to longer, lightweight wires. I would recommend using 18 gauge or thinner wire for the flexibility and because the lights really don’t draw much power. Be sure to protect the joints with heat-shrink tubing, or other means, which will also help reduce stress on the joint.

  • Mel Sloansays:

    I attached 30 ga, stranded wires about 8″ long to my street lamps so I could pass the wires through top of my layout.

  • Bob Rimmsays:

    The wire for LED’s varies depending on the light output and size, which determines the current that the LED will use. The 2 big issues with LED’s are making sure that you have the voltage polarity connections and correct voltage. Too high a voltage will usually give you a second of bright light before it burns out. If there is a resistor soldered to the Led, you should have documentation on what voltage is needed for it to work properly. You also need to know which lead gets the + and the – power connection. To learn about how to use LED’s, go on line and look up how to verify which LED leg is + and – along with what happens if you connect it backwards. (There is a good chance it will burn out the LED) Depending on the type of device, LED’s have several operating voltages and current requirments to operate! Go to http://www.DigiKey.com and look up Led’s to get an idea on how to properly use them.

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