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8 Point Checklist For Servicing Locomotives

Michael R kindly sent in these tips to share:

I have had a bit of experience working on locomotives to get them working efficiently, so can share some things I learned so far. I numbered the key points:

1. Take your time. Fixing or servicing a locomotive should not be rushed.
2. An older or well-used locomotive needs to be disassembled to locate any faults or to be properly serviced.
3. That is the only way to see inside to inspect and clean everything including all the moving parts.
4. That involves checking and removing the trucks, U-joints, wheel bearings, gears, electrical contacts, and other things.
5. When taking things apart, you might find some broken parts. If so, replace them if doable.
6. Consider substituting spare parts from other locomotives that couldn’t be repaired.
7. Occasionally gears can get cracked and dirt gets can into things. Take your time because cracked gears are difficult to spot. A missing gear tooth on the other hand should be easy to see.
8. When your inspection is complete, you can lubricate everything when putting the parts back together. Use proper greases and oils.

I just tried to keep to the basics, but other people might want to add to my list.

2 Responses to 8 Point Checklist For Servicing Locomotives

  • Paulsays:

    Great, but if in doubt photograph it before dismantling.

  • Noel Rileysays:

    I was just about to say the same thing. Especially if its the first time you are dismantling your loco and don’t have access to engineering diagrams for your model. Don’t take just one photo, as you uncover each section, take another photo. Don’t be afraid, just follow the above instructions, take photos as you go and you will have another wonderful new adventure.

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