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Removing Oxidized Greenish Stuff From Trucks

Jeremy writes:

“I dug out an old Mallard engine that belonged to my late uncle. The front nose if that’s what it’s called looks very sleek a bit like the modern bullet trains. Very different from most engines I think. I don’t have a track to test it on but would like to remove the greenish oxidized stuff on the trucks. I’m hoping it is only surface damage. How do I remove the oxidization without causing damage?”

7 Responses to Removing Oxidized Greenish Stuff From Trucks

  • John Lightfootsays:

    Hi this greenish stuff is verdigris the same as on a battery terminal.
    The easiest and safest way to remove it without damaging anything is very easy.
    Use tea yep plain old tea as it is an alkaline and it will neturalise the acid that has caused the verdigris.
    make a cup or bigger if needed of hot tea two or three bags is a good idea and immerse the item into it.
    A lot of it should dissapear almost immediately and if it doesnt use a toothbrush to give it a scrub.
    Dont forget to dry in the sun and lubricate the bearings.
    I hope this helps.

    • Jeremysays:

      John clever idea would never have thought of that

  • phil johnsonsays:

    this is oxidation and usually from brass. I like to use either a Bright Boy or wire wheel cleaner.

  • Brucesays:

    Hi,Jeremy. I like the household cleaner”CLR” but make sure you follow directions on the container especially regarding removing the solution after it has done the job.

  • Ralph Furthsays:

    Hi Jeremy:

    Oxidation can be easily removed with vinegar, salt and flour. Rub with a cloth rag. You can also use baking soda and water and then brush it off with a wire brush if the first idea doesn’t work for you.

    • Jeremysays:

      ahhh i wondered about vinegar thanks

  • Christopher E Lesebergsays:

    Use tea with distilled water. doesn’t leave any residue when doing the clean up after soaking

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