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Track Wiring Help Needed

Alex from New South Wales in Australia asks readers:

“I’m new to model trains and I need help to wire the 4 tracks. As you can see on my map I have 4 transformers to run 4 trains but not at once as they share the same track. Can you help me in wiring it?”

8x4 model train layout track plans

7 Responses to Track Wiring Help Needed

  • Dalesays:

    From the drawing, the inner loop does not connect to the rest of the layout so you can use one transformer for that. As for the rest, if it were me, I would isolate the inner loop from the rest at three points: the crossover at the top left, the start of the lead track at the front by the track switch, and at the diverging track at the far right and have one transformer for the outer loop and the third for the operational and switching portion of the layout. This would let you use the two loops independently while still doing some car positioning.

    Again, if it were me, I would seriously consider using DCC and forget about all the wiring headaches.

    • Alex Ansonsays:

      Thank you I’ll take it on board

  • Richard L Luce jrsays:

    I’d have to agree with comment. You will need to isolate each switch on one side of it. That prevents any power to that track. It’s like blocking that section of track. All three would use different transformers.

    • Alex Ansonsays:


  • Geoffsays:

    I second Dale’s comments. Put the insulators where he says. And you only need three transformers. As for where you attach, the power leads to the track, it depends a bit on whether the switches you have are “power routing”, ie send power along the track they are switched to, and isolate the track they are switched against. If they don’t isolate, then it doesn’t matter where you connect the three transformers. If the switches do isolate, then you need to be careful where to connect. I’ve marked in blue where Dale suggests the insulators should go, and I’ve marked in red where I would connect the power.

    • Alex Ansonsays:

      Thanks for the diagram it’s a big help

    • Alvaro Sousasays:

      Dale answer you. Nothing more to say.

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