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3 Engineers and 3 Accountants…. Clever Thinking!

We don’t usually post jokes, but because it’s Christmas how about this one sent in by Ryan:

Three accountants and three engineers were traveling by train to the same conference. On arrival at the station, each of the three accountants bought a ticket. With some bewilderment the accountants noticed the three engineers purchased only a single ticket. “How can three passengers travel on a single ticket?” asked one of the accountants. “Observe and you’ll see,” replied one of the engineers.

train conductorAll six boarded the train. The three accountants took their seats, however, the three engineers crammed together inside a small restroom and locked the door behind them. Not long after the train had departed, the conductor started collecting tickets. The accountants watched as he knocked on the restroom door saying, “Ticket, please.” The door edged open a fraction and a single-arm poked out with a ticket in hand. The train conductor took it and moved on.

After witnessing this, the three accountants agreed it was a cunning trick. So, on their return trip from the conference, the accountants decided to pull the same ruse and save some money… accountants are generally considered to be astute (even frugal) when it comes to money. Arriving at the station, they purchased just one ticket for their return trip. To their amazement, none of the three engineers bought a ticket. “How do you expect to travel without a ticket?” said one of the puzzled accountants. “Observe and you’ll see,” replied an engineer.

After boarding the train, the three accountants made for the restroom and crammed inside. The three engineers squeezed into another restroom nearby. The train soon departed, and it wasn’t long before one of the engineers left their restroom and walked across to the other restroom where the three accountants were hiding. The engineer knocked on the door and said in an authoritative voice, “Ticket, please.”

4 Responses to 3 Engineers and 3 Accountants…. Clever Thinking!

  • Bensays:

    HA! HA! What is Santa’s favorite train scale? HO! HO! HO!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • David Stokessays:

    “Good one Ralph” is our response

  • Stephansays:

    I hope no one pulled the cord while the train was in station.

    “And what was the station master’s name?”

  • Frank Bsays:

    What is Captain Picard’s favourite model railroad scale ?

    “Warp factor six. N gauge !”

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