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Lionel 1033 Transformer Issue

Rick has O scale and writes:

“My transformer Lionel 1033 voltage is low when the load is applied it reads 6v. Without load, it reads 18v. I put a jumper from the b post to the circuit breaker but the voltage read only 8v. Any suggestions on how to get the voltage up to 18 or what to check?”

3 Responses to Lionel 1033 Transformer Issue

  • Joesays:

    Hi Rick
    Check to see if the U terminal goes out to the center rail
    rail. If it does, good. Check out the breaker, if okay, check out the voltage control inside the transformer housing.
    Good luck.

  • Frank Bsays:

    A transformer’s output voltage decreases as its output current increases. A small drop (eg 10-15%) is normal.

    If there is a large voltage drop, you may be taking too much current, or have a wrong connection, or there may be a wire short circuited somewhere.

  • Anandasays:

    You have not indicated as to how many locos you are running as that determines the load on the PS. 18 volts to 6 volts is a very sizable drop. Like mentioned in the above posts, unless you have a short or you are overloading the PS, this should not happen.

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