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N-gauge 5 Car Hong Kong Kowloon – Canton Railway

Hambal posted this question:

“I own a Hong Kong Kowloon- Canton Railway Kit Double-deck Through Train (Hong Kong – Guangzhou) Precision Motor Train Model N-gauge 5 car set Item No: 99044 Special Limited Edition. It seems that the motor is no longer functioning. I am just wondering if you can suggest a way to solve the issue.”

2 Responses to N-gauge 5 Car Hong Kong Kowloon – Canton Railway

  • henry niersays:

    you may need to clean the pickup wheels and the metal pickups on the inside surface of the wheels. I use alcohol and cotton tipped swabs for that purpose. I also use the alcohol on cotton balls to clean the rails. hope this works for you.

  • David Stokessays:

    Henry’s suggestion are a great start – cleanliness of wheel and track cause most problems, but there are other causes.

    1. Check that there is no hair or fluff wrapped around the axles or caught in the motor/ gearbox.
    2. Are the pickups for power collection clean and touching where they should.
    3. Using a voltmeter check electrical continuity from wheel treads to pickups, from pickups to the motor and each side of the motor. Any failure here will cause the motor to not operate.

    And lastly, are you sure your controller is powering the rails, Is it working? As this is an exotic beast of a train I say this assuming your layout is not overly large. Please don’t shoot me if its a big ‘un and I’m being obvious in my observation, but I have run layouts (Analogue) where controllers have failed.

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