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Pre-Made Benchwork

Mark posts:

“Carpentry is not my forte, and wondered if the pre-made fabricated benchwork I’ve seen sold is any good?”

Contribute your thoughts below.

7 Responses to Pre-Made Benchwork

  • Bob DeBargesays:

    I have an HO layout with Mianne benchwork. Not cheap but have had it for about a dozen years and happy with it. Layout doubles as cover for basement storage and I custom ordered my benchwork to be 6” taller than normal. Gives storage height and also a good viewing height. I have stools around layout to assist if anyone or child is short and needs to sit a little higher to view. Over the benchwork I fastened thin plywood and then foam sheathing as base for layout. Gives great support – easily held me when constructing layout and when I’ve made later modifications. The way the benchwork is put together aids in running wiring.

  • Jim Johnstonsays:

    My friend used this a couple of years ago… Not sure where his came from but he was well pleased by the results.

  • David Stokessays:

    Suggest you watch Charlie Bishop’s Chadwick series on Youtube if you are in Britain.. He has a supplier. If in the states prefab benchwork suppliers advertise in the Model Railroader and MRC.

  • Hans Nieuweboersays:

    If you plan to built a shelf layout I can recommend the Ivar system from Ikea. It is versatile, not to expensive and rather sturdy. I build my shelf layout using this system and are very happy with it.
    One extra advantage of the system is that it offers a lot of storage space.

  • Franksays:

    The two downsides to prefab systems besides cost are that your creativity is a bit limited by the set module design, and there may be conflicts like turnout points immediately above bracing ‘studs’ where you want to use a Tortoise machine under it. So you may still need to do a little cutting & fitting, but limited.

    mpeterll and MRBenchwork are two benchwork builders that have YouTube channels under those names. Both do custom benchwork if you want to set the design yourself. mpeterll also does entire layout designs based on your input, and will even build your entire layout in your house if you want that. Check out their vids, it’s free!

  • Andrew Luchsingersays:

    Some premade benchwork is good. The only problem is the price. If there is a local model railroad club or a good hobby shop close by. The folks that work there might be able to point you to someone who might be able to help you with your build. Sometimes it may cost you a case of beer.

  • Mark Csays:

    Will investigate. Thanks guys.

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