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DCC Locomotives Operated On DC

George asks:

“Could a DCC engine be damaged if run on a DC system?”

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5 Responses to DCC Locomotives Operated On DC

  • Hervey says:

    Depending on the decoder and how it is programmed you can run a DCC engine on DC. No damage should ensue but do this for short duration. The decoder has to configured (programmed) to run on DC current which is easily accomplished by setting CV29 to run on both power supplies.

  • Ron Scannell says:

    I think you have use address 3 to run a dcc engine on dc

  • Richard Walter says:

    Many engines have a duel-mode decoder which will permit DC operation. If not, you’ll burn out an expensive decoder.

  • Bill Fallon says:

    I wouldn’t think so since running on DC has been around long before DCC was ever though of. Then again it’s just a guess. With these electronic things today you never know. Crazy world.

  • Frank B says:

    Most DCC locos and decoders are designed to run perfectly happily on either on DC or DCC, but as Hervey says, the function must be enabled in the decoder. This is usually already done by the factory on new DCC locos.
    However, when running on DC, the DCC loco will not move at low track voltages, because the decoder needs a certain minimum voltage to start working.

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