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Oil To Make Train Smoke

Barry sent in this question:

“Hi all, I have just acquired two Bachmann (steam) locos, both are 4-8-4 with 52′ tenders. Both are smokers but I don’t know if there is a particular brand, quantity, or grade of oil required to create smoke. The element down in the funnel on both lights up when power is applied so I am assuming that they smoke as designed.”

Please add your comments to assist Barry below.

5 Responses to Oil To Make Train Smoke

  • David Stokes says:

    Just remember whatever you end up using you will have smoke residue falling like acid rain on your layout.

  • Hervey says:

    Bachmann sell their own brand of oil for smoking locomotives. You can order direct from them if your local hobby shop doesn’t carry it or another brand. The one thing you shouldn’t do is heat the element without oil in there.

  • Derek says:

    Hi Barry iam led to believe that smoker’s vap oil work’s I myself use baby oil but I use it for my old hornby /triang stuff pre 70s baby oil makes good smoke and a nice smell

  • Barry Edmunds says:

    Thanks for the sage advice. I have been alerted to the toxic nature of the smoke oil so am considering turning this feature off but am yet to work out how.

  • Anthony Germagliotti says:

    I am a lionel guy and I use thick mineral oil it works fine and the price is right you can buy abottle at your grocy store or cvs oe etc. it it will last a long time with noproblems

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