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Best Adhesive For Sticking Grass To MDF

Ken is working on an OO layout with his great-nephew and posted this question:

“I want to roll and stick a sheet of grass to my MDF base. I expect to cut away a couple of sections after it’s laid. Will Elmer’s glue (which I already have) work, or should I use another adhesive?”

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4 Responses to Best Adhesive For Sticking Grass To MDF

  • Dave B. says:

    I am assuming you mean the sheets of paper with the grass material surface. White glue will work but I’ve had good luck using a spray adhesive like 3m

  • Frank B says:

    If you can find the manufacturer’s website, there should be instructions about suitable adhesives for the particular product.

  • phil+johnson says:

    White glue/Carpenters glue

  • David Stokes says:

    Frankly I think you’ve put the cart before the horse. Although grass mat is still sold, it has been superceded by grass scatters from Noch, Woodland Scenics and others. Go to your local hobby/train shop and ask about alternatives because once grass matt is stuck down, regardless of the type of adhesive, it’s stuck down.

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