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Conversion To RC

Ben asks readers:

“I want to convert my O scale locos to RC. What am I up against? I have a G scale that loco was just converted.”

You are welcome to submit your thoughts below.

3 Responses to Conversion To RC

  • Nigel says:

    I don’t have much experience in this field but am currently building an RC controlled 7/8 scale narrow gauge locomotive so I hope the following will be of assistance.

    I guess the biggest challenge is space. Batteries, a receiver and possibly an ESC (electronic speed controller) need to be fitted in – I say possibly for the ESC as I believe that it’s possible to buy receivers with the ESC built in. It was a challenge fitting everything in and the locomotive is built to 1:13.7 scale so with the relatively inexpensive kit that I bought, I wouldn’t fancy my chances in 1:43, albeit on the same track gauge. Batteries are clearly going to be the biggest challenge to get sufficient voltage to drive the motor and sufficient capacity for decent running time.

    I did find a couple of websites that may help you. The first describes the conversion of a small 0-6-0 tank engine to RC:


    And the second is the Deltang website that specialises in compact RC systems for a range of applications including model trains:


    I hope this helps.

  • Anthony Germagliotti says:

    you want to look at lionel they have bluetooth command control and a number of systems but to do the conversion it maybe pricey

  • Frank B says:

    This type of thing has been around for a while. Google “dead rail forum”, and you will find a number od sites dedicated to this..

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