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DCC Conversion

David writes:

“I plan to convert my small (and modest) N scale layout from DC to DCC. I’ve read scads of articles on the most popular DCC systems available. Can someone recommend the most-preferred or most-used system for a 4 by 8 N scale layout?”

Please add your suggestions below.

7 Responses to DCC Conversion

  • Dale says:

    I think you’re going to get sever conflicting responses. For my small N scale layout, I opted for the NCE Power Cab Starter Set (#524025). It is easy to set up and use while still having the power and flexibility to allow your layout to grow. I had it controlling three locos, two with sound, without problem.

  • Geoff says:

    I run 009, (If you aren’t in the UK, that’s the UK version of HO narrow gauge), and I also went for the NCE powercab. After using it for a while, I decided it would be easier for operations to be able to plug it in in different locations, so I have now added the SB5 booster.

  • Bill Suarez says:

    I would recommend the NCE PowerCab starter set as well. Plenty of power for multiple trains and full programming capability for your decoders.

  • Allen Tucker says:

    NCE cab works for me too. Not too difficult to learn, and especially sweet with Snap-It turn out controls, which can be grouped. Wide audience of skilled users at this point, so you should be able to get answers to questions pretty easily.

  • Morgan Bilbo says:

    The best advice. Find local modelers. Local clubs. See what they have. Try to find as many different as you can to see which feel right to you. I use Digitrax, and have for years and am very very satisfied with it. BUT. That’s my experience. The above have all said NCE. But I will disagree. That’s why I say try to find all the choices and see what YOU like. The feel of the throttle, the ease of operation. Etc. Don’t let you be persuaded by any ONE individual. IMHO the choice of system is highly subjective.

  • The N-Scale Nerd says:

    I can vouch for the NCE Power Cab Starter Set, as it was what I started with…..

    However, if you are looking at getting into sensing and identifying trains using the NCE offerings your prices go through the roof and it’s the same for Digitrax, too…the cost. I have discovered that whilst the Digikeijs products do not have a hand controller, their DR5000 controller has all the stuff you need to get started down THAT path all crammed into a really neat package. I’ve used their 16-channel, Loconet Railcom detector and current-sensing detectors and they are soooo economical. I control trains by a mobile app or from a PC. (4 x 10 layout, but it’s pretty “busy”)

    But I digress! If you are a total novice with no experience, then the NCE package is great value.
    Whilst I have switched over to Digikeijs, I still use mine to run my test/programming track from time to time.

    Can I also plug the NCE LiteIt15 stationary decoder for driving signal heads/masts (~$A11/head)

    DCC is like opening Pandora’s Box, but it’s so much “fun”

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