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Using Atlas Contols with Atlas Turntable and Reverse Loop

Ernie models HO and has this question for readers:

“When I connect two controllers in sequence (reverse loop first then turntable) I cannot get second controller to work. If I separate it from first controller and connect power pack to it, it works. When I check second controller with my amp meter when connected to the first there is no current. Idea on problem?”

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3 Responses to Using Atlas Contols with Atlas Turntable and Reverse Loop

  • Jeff Morrow says:

    This seems to be a common problem with Atlas controllers. I had the same issue and even took one of the controllers apart to see if I could find the problem. Even though nothing was apparent, the controllers refused to work when connected. Finally, I wired the turntable to another separate circuit and all works fine now.

  • Frank B says:

    Your description suggests you are shorting out (at least) one controller with the other, or shorting out your connections to the track. 
    Please give us more information to understand your situation: 
    Are you using DC or DCC ? 
    Can you give us a diagram of your connections ? (Draw it & photo it will be ok.)
    Do you have manual or automatic isolation switching for your reversing loop ? 
    With appropriate switching, you don’t need a separate controller for a reversing loop.

  • Joe deB says:

    Try this. Move the common connection to the controller furthest from the power input. 60 years ago Atlas used to put this instruction on the package . I remember a club member having a similar problem when he added a third controller and several of us with a total of 85 years experience stood around scratching our heads until I read the package and…voila! Years later when I checked the packaging this bit of info was no longer there.

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