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Old Marklin and Lima Trains

Gerhard writes:

“I would like to say thank you very much for the information you have sent so far, it helps a lot. I am a pensioner and am very passionate about electric model trains. My setup is a Lima product. I recently acquired a lot of pieces of Marklin locos and wagons and rails. How can I determine how old these pieces are? Although it is not adaptable with my own set maybe I can do something with it.”

A note to Gerald – you can submit a photo of the models in question which might assist readers.

2 Responses to Old Marklin and Lima Trains

  • Norman T says:

    the Authority on Marklin trains is a Koll’s Katalog.

    I have one that is in German, but has EVERY model up to the publication year.

    Maybe they are only come in German… I don’t know.

  • Henk van Schuur says:

    Gerhard, Koll’s catalog is the best place to determine when the locos were built and what the price/value is in new condition and in undamaged original packaging. Koll is only available in German and is a very expensive book, also because it has many color photos.
    Marklin has changed a lot of locos after a certain time, that can be a number but it can also be a different type of coupling. In a single case (I have such a loco) only a different sprocket. In other words, it is often very small details that indicate in which period the locomotive was made.
    Furthermore, you cannot mix Marklin locos and Lima locos because Marklin runs on AC power and Lima on DC power. Marklin’s wheels are NOT insulated and therefore cause a short circuit on lima rails. Conversely, Lima vehicles can run on Marklin with their insulated wheels.
    If you still have any other questions, let me know.
    P.S. in Ben Marklin rider.
    Greetings Henk.

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