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Installing O Scale Model Brick

Jon writes:

“Hey Guys, I am building a diorama of our lake home and I want to make the chimney which is ground to roof top high out of O scale individual brick. I plan to use some solid stock pine to create the base to build off of but I was hoping to could get some tips on how to install/lay the individual brick without making a mess. These are tiny brick as you may well know. Any help is appreciated… Any thoughts on the correct adhesive to use is also appreciated… Have a great day Folks!”

Please add any suggestions below.

5 Responses to Installing O Scale Model Brick

  • Robert says:

    You are probably better off using comercial downloadable model brick paper and print it off to O scale.
    Alternatively, take a photo of your chimney with a ruler in it so you can print it to the correct scale.

  • Vyt says:

    Saw a video of a modeller using the rough side of a cardboard egg carton to create stone paving & stone block effect. Might take as long to do as using mini bricks, but is light-weight option & cheap. Just make sure have sharp hobby knife.

  • FredAnderson says:

    Try sticking the bricks to card first lying on flat surface then attache the lot together.This will make it easier to assemble.

  • ZootyONZ says:

    Way to go Fred. I like when the posting answers the question asked!

    • FredAnderson says:

      Thank for you for this reply it now maybe show what this Blogg is for. I have copied many good ideas that people have sent in.Hope it continues to be inspirational for other Modelers.

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